BASF launches its first Creation Center in India to help customers turn creative ideas into solutions

28 May 2019

  • From inspiration to solution in one place: BASF Creation Center will empower customers in India
  • Collaboration space offers cutting-edge resources including materials, advanced digital tools for simulation and prototyping, and consultancy

Mumbai, India – May 28, 2019–BASF today launched a new Creation Center in Mumbai, India. Located at the state-of-the-art Innovation Campus in Navi Mumbai, the Creation Center will bring customers and BASF’s experts together to transform conceptual ideas into creative solutions.

At the Creation Centers, equipped with world-class workshop facilities and interactive material showcases, BASF will provide resources to discover, understand and create new and improved products and solutions with BASF materials. Customers will be able to explore materials, use interactive digital tools, and participate in ideation and material consultancy workshops. They will also have access to trend reports, material demonstrators and design events. Together with BASF experts, they can seamlessly collaborate from design development to advanced simulations through computer-aided engineering through to advanced prototyping – all in one place.
“We aim to help brands, companies and manufacturers discover new possibilities through hands-on exploration in an inspiring environment,” said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. “We will offer a wide range of resources in unique collaborative spaces, to empower designers, engineers and developers to create new products using BASF’s innovative material solutions, and support the emerging design requirements of the market.”
“Designers not only give a product its shape, surface, color, haptics and ergonomics, they also decideon the materials to be used at anearly stage ofproduct development. With the Creation Center, we empower designers, engineers and developersto explore the full potential of BASF’shigh-performance materials, inspiring them to createthe products of the future,” said Alexandre Dreyer, Leader Creation Center, Asia Pacific, BASF.
Krishnamohan Narayan, Managing Director, BASF India Limited and Head, South Asia, said, “Increasing consumer demand in the automotive, footwear, furniture and consumer durables industriestriggers immense opportunities for innovation. The Creation Center will be a great platform to explore new ideas and future trends together with designers, engineers, developers and customers, therebydeveloping innovative solutions to meet the growing market needs. Further, our global network of Creation Centers at Shanghai, Tokyo and Germany will enable customers to access world-class technologies that promotebetter collaboration for mutual success.”

The automotive[1] market in India is the fourth largest globally.In the consumer durables segment, India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, driven by increased purchasing power. India is also the second largest consumer market for footwear[2]and the fourth largest in the furniture[3] segment.

BASF is launching Creation Centersat key sites worldwide: Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China and Ludwigshafen, Germany.


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