Editorial April-2017 Start of a new era

Rajiv Parikh

27 Jan 2018

Start of a new era...
As you are aware that Dyes Chemical Market is executed and run by Mr. Parimal Parikh and his team, I am taking over the lead as Managing Partner, responsible for the contents, advertisements and subscriptions not just in India but also on a global scale. News on Exports and International penetration will be one of our core focus. Having studied and worked in one of the technological advanced locations in the world, I bring with me, my experience in the Silicon Valley where the world’s top companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and LinkedIn were built that made life easier and fruitful for common man.

I am honoured to be a part of the team which has been running the product since last 35 years. Mr. Parikh has really managed the day to day activities of Dyes Chemical Market Magazine with full vigor and I am happy to announce that I will help him continue with the overwhelming task of making this magazine a product that will be loved and read by all in the industry.

Along with the magazine, we have also built, from the heart of the Silicon Valley (San Jose) our very own Inventory Sharing Platform for Manufacturers and their Distributors in the dyes, chemicals and pharmaceuticals raw materials industry where searching for a product by CAS# or name is as easy and simple with a click of a button.

In today’s technological advanced world, internet has penetrated each and every household of India. According to one estimate; approximately 450 million people have access to smartphones and internet out of 1.3 billion people. I am proud to announce that we have adopted new and improved technology to make our magazine and Inventory Sharing Platform better, scalable and sustainable in this demanding industry where we all work together to make it successful for all of us.

We have also tied up with events and conferences which will help penetrate our vision to better help you in your marketing and sales efforts. We are constantly looking to tie up with PR agencies and Company PR departments to make your product featured and get you more traction and return on investment.
We look forward for your feedback and support in the time to come.”
-Rajiv Parikh


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