Editorial July 2021 India records highest ever exports in a quarter

Rajiv Parikh

14 Sep 2021

As per last week’s Groww digest emailer, India records the highest ever exports in a quarter to $95 billion in various sectors, which is almost 85% higher than the same period last year. Last year’s exports accounted for $51 billion for the same period. The chemical industry is at the center for the growth whether it is manufacturing, construction, consumer products or electronics. According to several sources, it seems the demand for chemicals is likely to reach back to the pre-covid levels globally.

Tata Chemicals managing director and CEO R. Mukundan said, “We expect the margins will catch up by the fourth quarter of this year.” Well, only time will tell whether it is ok to predict if things are going to go well and people are still worried about the third wave if it ever happens. As we hear the news that Tokyo has initiated an emergency alert for the Tokyo Olympics where no spectators are allowed, Indonesia was still fighting to get oxygen cylinders for the covid infected patients. We will see how things turn up but it is always better to be positive with a word of caution.

According to one report from Deloitte, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecendented impact on the economy and has experienced a significant decline in demand in the past eight months. While the industry was already facing cyclical challenges such as over capacity, pricing pressures and trade uncertainty before 2020. As the industry moving to 2021, the changed economic , social, environmental and political expectations are expected to play an even greater role in shaping the future. To succeed in the shifting industry landscape of the chemical market, companies should consider implementing a series of targeted, strategic initiatives across major functional areas such as R&D and technology. Too much focus on the short term, however, could mean that companies end up neglecting long-term opportunities, including investing in innovation, emerging applications, and adopting new business models that generate sustained growth.

A critical aspect of dealing with this disruption in 2021 will be understanding which customer behaviors are temporary versus those that are permanent, as recovery will likely be uneven across end markets and geographies. Companies can address this uncertainty by revisiting their product portfolio and conducting robust scenario planning that includes the unknowns.

On another note, there has been a rise in the IPOs lately with the latest ones in the chemical industry Clean Science and India Pesticides. India Pesticides was listed at Rs. 350 with the IPO price of Rs. 290-Rs. 296 with an 18.24% gains. Clean Science has been subscribed 8.98 times in the retail market.

On the digital initiative front, we have updated our home page at chemicalmarket.net with new widgets that displays the latest signups from companies and products that have been uploaded. The new home page was a result of careful UI discussions and the intuitiveness and ease of use of the website. The leads platform is slowly but steadily gaining traction and more and more companies are subscribing to it and uploading their products. The email marketing module is an excellent tool to reach out to the customers at one go.

This reminds me of Zomato which is also going public next week started with just a few restaurants from a few cities that were listed on its platform. Today it is present in several countries and after so many years (since 2008) of hard work and turmoil is going public. Their core strength was the way they executed the digital marketing paradigm. Well, we don’t know how well the IPO will do but it has gone thru several rounds of investments and several other controversies to reach where it is today.

Coming back to Chemical Market, rest assured you won’t lose anything by listing your products on the Chemical Market Leads Platform. It’s a winwin situation for the purchasers and the sellers. Create your company profile and let people know about your company and your listed products.


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