Editorial June-2017 Change is inevitable

Rajiv Parikh

10 Jun 2017

Change is inevitable...

Everyone is gearing up for the big changes. May it be for the much "anxiously" awaited GST or the way business is done today in the digital world with the use of mobile phones and email marketing. Change is coming and it is coming in a big way. The geo-political situation is changing and that too might affects the business sectors on a global scale. The global stock market was worried after the big political movements in the Middle East where the petroleum products are sourced.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the status of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and expected to roll out in early July and expects it to be the "game changer" or "turning point" for the economy as a whole. With this change and with the use of online medium we are also working hard to get you the best products like our Inventory Sharing Platform where you can list your products and then send/receive enquiries from anywhere in India or from around the world.

The Inventory Sharing Platform team is working hard to list your products on the global platform and you will not just get an insight if you register today by signing up and being a free Level 1 member but I am sure you will benefit from the same. The idea is not just that of a regular website where you can list all of your products but also where you can have control who contacts you and who sees your listings on our search platform.

The distributors can contact other authorized distributors and their manufacturers only, incase they need to fulfill a backorder. This helps maintain the privacy level of the “community of members” which comprises of manufacturers and their authorized distributors having the same product lines. The key is about colloboration and not of competition. No one can steal your customers with this kind of privacy level. We call it “Sharing Inventory within community” or simply “Closed Markets” to avoid noise and unncessary spam. This can be enforced by just un-selecting the checkbox on the location record of the products listed.

The traders and suppliers can also list their product on the open platform where other members (be it authorized distributors or unauthorized distributors if they wish to) can connect with these traders. We call it "Open Markets or Web Markets." This can be enforced by just selecting a checkbox on the location record of the products listed.

We have also tied up recently with 2 important events. The first is ChemLog India 2017 in Mumbai which is their 3rd International Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain of Chemicals & Petrochemicals in India. The second is Analytica Anacon India 2017 and India Lab Expo 2017 are both held at the same time since 2015 in Hyderabad. Together, these two events build the leading platform for analysis, laboratory and biotechnology on the Indian subcontinent. Both exhibitions cover the entire value chain for industrial and research laboratories. We are happy to partner with them and we welcome and encourage any enquiries for the same to us or directly to them. Do not forget to inform them that you found out about them through Dyes & Chemical Market magazine!

This being the third issue in the financial year 2017 and everyone eagerly waiting for the big change regarding GST, we wish all a happy monsoon season and well wishes for the upcoming GST launch in India.
- Rajiv Parikh


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