Indian agrochem major Gharda helps curb Zika outbreak

Press Release

04 Mar 2016

March 3, 2016 Mumbai: With Zika being declared by WHO as a Global Threat, scientists across the world are working on curbing the spread of the dreaded virus – the latest to join the fray being Google who has partnered with UNICEF to map the spread of the virus.  In an important fillip to the ‘Make in India’ campaign, home grown Gharda Chemicals Limited is steadily supplying WHO approved formulations tocontrol the mosquito Aedesaegyptii which transmitsthe dreaded Zika virus, which has been rapidly spreading in South America and the Carribean. The Zika virus is linked to a jump in the incidence of birth defects. With the first case being reported in Brazil in May 2015, the Zika virus could potentially infect 4 million people by the end of the year according to the WHO. The Aedesaegyptii also spreads dengue, yellow fever andchikungunya.

Host of companies have announced their research on Zika vaccine but experts believe that could be years away. There is currently no cure or vaccine for Zika virus. The management of the outbreak is currently focused on reducing the populations of the Aedes mosquito that carry the Zika virus.

WHO recommends the following products manufactured by Gharda Chemicals for the control of mosquito Aedes, both adults and larvae.

  1. For Adult mosquitoes:
    1. Deltamethrin EC, SC, WP, ULV, WG formulations
    2. Alphacypermethrin SC and WP formulations
  2. For Mosquitoes larvae in water bodies:
    1. Temephos EC and GR formulations
    2. Chlorpyrifos EC formulation
Dr.K.N.Singh, Vice-President said, “Gharda Chemicals can supply quality & effective products based on Deltamethrin,  Alphacypermethrin,  Chlorpyrifos&Temephos  for the control of all types of mosquitoes viz. Aedes, Anapheles&Culex in its larval & adult stageto mitigate a global healthcare emergency.” The company has an outstanding presence in public health sector to address management & control of vector borne diseaseswith mission statement stating‘Knowledge converted to products to wealth for the good of society’.Established in 1967 it is now a leading Indian Agrochemical company with turnover of over $250m. “Innovation combined with R&D has marked the rise of company with many awards in the basket for process innovation & export performance.” added Dr. Singh.
Gharda Chemicals Limited has been steadily growing and has a strong presence across the globe. Besides being a winner of multiple awards; the founder, chairman and managing director of the company Dr. KekiHormusji Gharda has been honored by the Government of India with Padma Shri.
India’s diplomatic ties can also be strengthened with the Zika affected countries through such products, as well as it is also a perfect example of Indian Manufacturing Prowess with the image of the country being transformed into an ‘Innovation Hub’ through the efforts of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
For WHOPES recommendation & specification of the products refer below links;
About Gharda Chemicals Ltd: Established in 1967, Gharda is an Research and Development Company manufacturing high quality agrochemicals, pigments and polymers. It has five manufacturing units located across the country.


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