Nuberg EPC signs contract to deliver Chlor Alkali Plant in Morocco

10 Jul 2019

New Delhi, 9 July, 2019. Global EPC and turnkey management company Nuberg EPC has been selected by SCE Chemicals, Morocco as the EPC lump sum contractor to establish a new Chlor-Alkali plant. The plant will produce caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite chlorine.
The new production line will be established at Jorf Lasfar Parc Industrial Medz in El-Jadida, Morocco and is due for completion in late 2020. The project was penned down at SCE Chemicals office in Casablanca, Morocco, where Mr. AK Tyagi, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), Nuberg, Mr. Moutawakkil Abdelkebir, General Manager, SCE and dignitaries from both companies were present.
SCE is an industrial company operating in the fields of chemistry and agriculture. It holds considerable resources for producing and marketing its products such as sulfonic acid, sodium silicate, SLES, Aluminium sulfate and others. The specialized areas of SCE are the detergent and cosmetics, the water treatment and the timber industry. Chlorine and caustic soda are important raw materials for pharmaceutical products.

"We are honored that Nuberg EPC is to deliver its first chlor-alkali plant in Morocco. SCE Chemicals has entrusted us with the opportunity to play a key role in helping them to build the plant," comments Nuberg Engineering CMD, Mr. AK Tyagi. Nuberg EPC has a proven track record of global experience in setting up more than 20 chlor alkali plants around the world including Egypt, Sweden, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and now adding Morocco in the list. "The essential capabilities and project management competencies make Nuberg EPC deliver best-in-class technology along with a complete world-class turnkey solution," continues Mr. AK Tyagi.


Mr. Moutawakkil Abdelkebir, General Manager, SCE Chemicals said, "We are happy to announce our association with the specialized chlor-alkali EPC & LSTK company, Nuberg EPC, for our chlor-alkali project". Chlorine derivatives produced from the plant will be used for disinfection and water treatment industrial processes. 

The plant will have the most advanced bipolar membrane cell technology licensed from UK based Inovyn.
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