Markets :

  • Dyes and Pigments
  • Textile Industry

Locations :

  • Isanpur

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About us:-

Color Wave Industries A Name To Envisage With In The Dyestuff And Chemical Auxiliaries Industry. The Name Tantamount With Qualitative & Quantitative Marketing Of Its Products, It Has Been Serving The Needs Of Its Esteemed Customers. Boosting By Young Dedicated And Enthusiastic, Yet Experienced Group Of Management And Employees, Color Wave Industries Is Expanding Its Horizons. From Manufacturing And Marketing Of Dyestuffs Color Wave Industries Has Successfully Diversified Into Dyestuffs Like Acid, Direct, Basic, Disperse, Reactive, Solvent, Vat, Pigment, Food Colors And Textile Auxillaries. Which Are Called Synthetic Organic Dyes Used For Fabrics Like Garments, Dress Materials, Bed-Sheets, Carpets, Etc. The Dyes Are Of Basically Colours Like Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow And Numerous Variants Of These Basic Colours Identified By Color Index Number Internationally.

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