Cardamom Oil Green CO2 / N/A / 8000-66-6 / 33.0112.00 / Ultra International Limited

  • CAS-Number :- 8000-66-6
  • Molecular Formula :-
  • Molecular Weight :- mol/g
  • Available Qty :- 25.0000 Kgs
  • Package Size :- 5|10|25 kg.
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Personal Care / Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals & API | Food & Nutrition | Aerosols | Flavor Fragrance and Perfumery | Soap & Detergents |

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Cardamom oil Co2 Elettaria cardamom is unike to other cardamom oil in the market, Cardamom oil CO2 is pale yellow to greenish yellow in colour and is rich with sweet and spicy aroma that of the freshly crushed cardamom. Cardamom oil CO2 is much superior than the traditional steam distilled cardamom essential oil which has a pale colour and flat aroma.

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