White Soap Noodles / 57-11-4 / 34021900

  • CAS-Number :- 57-11-4
  • Molecular Formula :-
  • Molecular Weight :- mol/g
  • Available Qty :- Other
  • Package Size :- 25 or 50 KGS BAG
  • Price :- INR 70.0000 / Other
  • Markets :- Plastics/Polymers | Soap & Detergents | Textile Industry | Pharmaceuticals & API | Industrial Minerals | Food & Nutrition | Lubricants | Pharmaceutical Intermediates | Basic Chemicals | Personal Care / Cosmetics | Flavor Fragrance and Perfumery | Industrial Chemicals | Inks and Printing | Agro Chemicals | Paints & Coatings | Intermediates |

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Physical Description- Soap noodles are the fatty acids derived either from vegetable oil or animal fats used as the main ingredient in the production of soap bars. It is produced from the saponification of neutral fats and oil, neutralization of fatty acid and saponification of methyl esters. There are two main types of soap noodle, i.e: made out of palm base or vegetable oil base another made from animal fats or tallow. Uses- Soap Noodles uses are mostly as the main raw material in the produc

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