Acetoacetanilide (AAA) / 3-oxo-N-phenylbutanamide / 0102-01-02

  • CAS-Number :- 0102-01-02
  • Molecular Formula :- C10H11NO2
  • Molecular Weight :- 177.2 mol/g
  • Available Qty :- Kgs
  • Package Size :- 50 Kg drum
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Basic Chemicals | Specialty Chemicals |

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Appearance:- White crystalline solid Density:- 1.155g/cm3 Melting Point:- 83-86℃ Boiling Point:- 324.958°C at 760 mmHg Solubility in Water:- 5 g/L (20℃) Flash Point:- 150.329°C Acetoacetinilide (AAA) is a organic white crystalline solid intermediate. AAA is prepared by aniline and diketone by condensation reaction at 15-20 °c using water as solvent.It is soluble in a number of solvents such as ether, ethanol, sodium hydroxide, hot benzene, chloroform, and caustic soda solution while it is insoluble in water.

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