Markets :

  • Biocides
  • Additives

Locations :

  • Mumbai

Dr. V Rajgopal

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About us:-

MALLAK is a Young bullish Manufacturing company having dreams to catapult India from its current nadir to an Eximious future where it truly belongs. MALLAK is a strong enterprise having interest spanning a multitude of industries. Pursuing trust and camaraderie worldwide as a World class global company with extensive Techno-commercials capabilities, abundant creativity and a burning zeal to perform. Mallak has its roots, starting 1999 with humble beginnings at MIDC Mahad, 165 Kms south of Mumbai.

Further Aspirations to expand its horizons in Synergistic market domains have found its roots in the below projects.\

1.Pigments & Colorants
2.Speciality Ethylene Oxide Propylene Oxide) Surfactants & Emulsifiers.
3.Speciality Amides ( Eurcamide, Stearamide, Oleamide )
4.Speciality Ester, ethers, Polymers
5.Speciality performance Additives

All projects have been planned keeping in mind the dream to build a well integrated facility utilizing waste streams of existing facility in synergy with Ecology and Environment.

MALLAK is an intoxicating romance between
1. 3 brilliantly engineered plants( Spread over Maharashtra & Gujarat spanning 150000 Sqmtrs),
2. Fire in the belly attitude ( Amongst our staff ) and
3. Respect and camaraderie for men, machine & material