Important Message For PR Agencies:

Please do not send us any press releases if you are not a PR Partner. Those emails will be deleted and after 3 times, your email addresses will be blocked!


If you want us to help market your clients press releases or product profiles and have a press release/article to share which we can then upload to our website and/or publish it in our monthly magazine, you need to sign up for the PR Partners program.

It takes us a lot of man hours / efforts to maintain the press releases and / or product profiles, new launches etc from thousands of PR Agencies via email/phone and then to keep the website up to date on a day to day basis. To compensate for this work,

  • You need to be a verified PR Agencies in our records.
  • Sign up for the PR Partners Program.

If you want your press releases to be uploaded on a regular basis and keep your clients happy


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