Markets :

  • Basic Chemicals
  • Inks and Printing
  • Intermediates
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Rubber & Resins
  • Dyes and Pigments

Locations :

Boonyarat Chaisuwan

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About us:-

Modern Chemical Group was found in 1990. It is a world class producer of colorant chemical products. There are worldwide allocations of professional sales and agents to provide complete technical services. Our sales network expands throughout the world in more than 70 countries and regions.

In 1990, Modern Chemical Group established Modern Dyestuffs and Pigments Co., Ltd. and its first colorant production factory. Throughout all these years, we have maintained our passion and enthusiasm as we press forward. We continuously invest in modernized equipment, talented personnel, and well-rounded employee training programs. Currently, our products have received worldwide recognition and our sales performance is constantly growing and achieving outstanding results. All companies and employees of Modern Chemical Group carry the mission of being the contributor of better quality of life. We are working closely with government and various organizations to further understand the need of the society and support the minorities. We have received support and approval from both local government and communities. We continue to implement the philosophy of sustainable society.