Markets :

  • Inks and Printing
  • Intermediates
  • Pharmaceuticals & API
  • Specialty Chemicals

Locations :

  • Surat

Mr. Rajesh Parekh

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First Floor, Green Villa, Jyoti Studios, Nana Chowk Mumbai Mumbai IN

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About us:-

Orgo-Chem is engaged into manufacturing of various dye intermediates for dynes, pigments and healthcare since 1967 and exporter since 1975. We have installed modern facilities to produce various sulphonation products along with few nitration and reduction processes. We have adequate infrastructure and a dynamic team to produce the best quality and to ensure timely supplies. Moreover, we are suitably located in Surat, near India’s business capital - Mumbai. We also have a dedicated office in Mumbai for marketing and logistical support.

We have capabilities to do the following unit processes:

1) Nitration
2) Sulphonation
3) Choloro Sulphonation
4) Reduction
5) Hydrolysis
6) Accetylation
7) Condensation