Caustic Soda Market to Reach USS Dollar 39 Point 75 bn by 2020 Predicts TMR

15 May 2019
The global caustic soda market is expected to see positive growth in the coming years, say analysts at Transparency Market Research (TMR). The caustic soda market is predicted to experience high levels of competition among the vendors. A small profit margin and limited availability of raw materials pose a challenge to new entrants. However, established vendors in the global caustic soda market are basking in the increased spending on household applications by consumers. This is a key area which is expected to be focused on by vendors in the industry, in order to gain more shares in the market.

Vendors in the global caustic soda market are seen capitalizing on the immense potential offered by developing regions such as the Asia Pacific. Countries such as China and India hold promising prospects with a burgeoning population and numerous end-use industries. Leading vendors in the global caustic soda market include Reliance Industries Limited, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Olin Corporation, and AkzoNobel N.V. TMR analysts report that the global caustic soda market, which was evaluated to be at US$30.82 bn in 2013, will rise to USS$39.75 bn by 2020. The caustic soda market is anticipated to exhibit a 3.7% CAGR over the forecast period of 2014 to 2020.

Among the application segments, Alumina is predicted to emerge as the leading one in the global caustic soda market, on account high industrial demand. In terms of geography, Asia Pacific is projected to demonstrate a brisk growth rate over the coming years. Latin America and Australia are projected to gain prominence in terms of import.

High Demand from Automotive Sector to Propel Market

Recently the demand for alumina has grown, with various benefits, such as quickest, safest, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective ways of boosting performance, fuel economy and reducing emissions, without compromising safety and long-life, in cars such as automobiles, for example, and other commercial vehicles. It is the most used non-ferrous material in automobiles and has the potential to become the most-used material, as new aluminum alloys are made to deliver more value than steel. This is one of the primary factors that is expected to give the global caustic soda market a boost. The production of lightweight cars to control emissions and increase the efficiency of fuel was strong.

Applications in Metallurgical Processes to Drive Growth

A factor will adversely affect the market because of its reactive and corrosive nature that has a harmful environmental effect that limits its use in consumer products. The second challenge for her energy-intensive production process is for several producers to reduce the overall margin for profit. The global caustic soda market will be prevented by increasing concerns regarding its harmful effects on human health and the environment over the predicted time period.

However, the product is a strong alkaline chemical and reacts very easily with several other substances including aluminum, zinc and metallurgical applications for further development. These factors together with increasing demand for chlorine and increased technological advancements in caustic soda processing are projected to boost market demand in years to come. In addition, the market for caustic soda is expected to increase the use of caustic soda in alumina extraction.


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