Archroma at Techtextil 2022 with enhanced sustainability, colors performance and protection

09 Jun 2022
Pratteln, Switzerland, 9 June 2022 - Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, will be present at Techtextil 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 21 to 24 June 2022 in Hall 11.0, Booth B10.

Archroma will be at Techtextil to launch its latest innovations and system solutions aimed to help textile manufacturers with optimized sustainability, productivity and value creation in their markets.

Archroma will present 9 new solution systems and 3 innovations, and will hold 2 booth events (See below).

The systems and innovations presented by Archroma have all been developed in line with the principles of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”.

At Techtextil, visitors will be able to discover how The Archroma Way can help them create value in their applications and markets: Automotive & transportation; Active & outdoor wear; Workwear & uniforms; Nonwovens; Exterior textiles; and Home textiles.


Archroma will present 3 new innovations at the show:
  • PFC-free* Smartrepel® Hydro SR, a new solution developed for the repellence of water-based soil;
  • Biocide-free OX20, a new odor-neutralizing technology newly launched by our partner SANITIZED AG;
  • Perapret® AIR, a new mineral finishing technology for air purification is activated by natural and artificial light sources and can be applied on all fabrics.


Archroma introduced its first ever solution systems at the Techtextil 2019 edition, and since then has developed more than 30 systems for technical textile and nonwoven applications.

Visitors at the booth will be able to discover 9 new systems just launched by Archroma:
  • CLEAN AIR, a mineral air purification system that stays put on all kinds of fabrics and is activated by artificial and natural light, for as long as there is light; → based on the new Perapret® AIR;
  • CONSCIOUSLY DEEP, a metal-free one-step scouring and dyeing system for medium to very dark colored nylons that stay deep and bright day after day, and are good for you and the planet;
  • EARTH SOFT, a biomass-based and vegan softening system that is suitable for all kind of fibers and makes you comfortable in your own skin;
  • NATURE BOUND, a compostable binder system for food filtration materials that protect you and the planet;
  • ODOR CONTROL 2.0, a system for odor-free sportswear where permastink cannot build up on your favorite clothes, that’s applicable on polyester, cotton and nylon; → based on the new OX20;
  • RAG N’ROLL, a compostable binder system for nonwoven cleaning rags, that protect you and the planet;
  • SAFE SEATS NextGen, a PFC-free* and halogen-free* modular surface treatment system for safer and cleaner seating materials, → based on the new Smartrepel® Hydro SR;
  • SWEET DREAMS, a metal and particle free* system that redefines protection for mattress ticking fabrics, with long-lasting hygiene and outstanding softness, that protects you and the environment;
  • TAKE A BREATH, an enhanced filtration system that keeps your air clean and fresh for longer putting health first and your competition behind;

The savings, added productivity and value created by the Archroma systems are demonstrated by using the ONE WAY Impact Calculator. The Archroma ONE WAY Impact Calculator is a process simulation & calculation tool designed and used by our textile processing experts to provide our customers and partners with an accurate estimate of the process costs, resource utilization, effluent discharge quality, and CO2 emissions of the existing production process and of the newly evaluated system.

For instance, the CONSCIOUSLY DEEP system allows savings and reductions of up to 36% in process time, 64% in water consumption, 46% in energy consumption and 41% in CO2 emissions.

Visitors at the booth will also have the opportunity to discover The Safe Edge, an online platform launched by Archroma in September 2021 and allowing for instant access to product related regulatory & compliance certificates and information.


Two of the 3 innovations highlighted at the booth, PFC-free* Smartrepel® Hydro SR and biocide-free OX20, are providing new options in finishing areas currently facing scrutiny and market challenges: Repellence, and odor management.

Archroma will therefore organize two focused events where our experts will introduce the alternatives launched at the show, and help the audience understand, and navigate, the available technologies and the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.


Innovation highlight: Biocide-free OX20 odor management solution by SANITIZED AG

  • Nuria Estape, Panel Moderator, Head of Marketing & Promotion, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Archroma
  • Georg Lang, Head of CC Finishing, Archroma
  • Stefan Müller, Head of BU Textiles Additives Sanitized
  • Yann Ribourdouille , Global registration expert Product Stewardship, Archroma


Innovation highlight: PFC-free* Smartrepel® Hydro SR
  • Nuria Estape, Panel Moderator, Head of Marketing & Promotion, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Archroma
  • Roland Borufka, Head of Competence Center Repellents, Archroma
  • Wolfgang Knaup, Head of R&D repellents, Archroma
  • Yann Ribourdouille, Global registration expert Product Stewardship, Archroma

Paul Cowell, Global Head of Competence Centers & Brand Studio, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, at Archroma, comments: “We are very excited to be back at Techtextil and be able to share the innovations a new solution systems that we developed since the last 2019 edition. Our customers are facing so many market changes in the post-pandemic context, from supply chain challenges to regulatory evolution to public expectations in terms of safety and ecology. Our role is to help them welcome the change and assist them in the transition to this new world. Because it’s our nature.”


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