BASF improved supply of attapulgite-based additives to meet increasing demand in major markets

22 May 2019

  • Improvement processes focusing on reliability and long-term supply of attapulgite products to support the business growth of customers
  • Lean principles and a continuous improvement culture resulted in productivity gains and improved service quality

Hong Kong – May 22, 2019 – BASF has implemented process improvements to provide a reliable and stable supply of its attapulgite offerings. The enhancements at their site in Quincy, Florida include expanding of milling and product packaging capabilities for coarse gel, fine gel and granular materials, as well as improved logistics in shipping the mineral globally. This initiative is aligned with the increasing demand of attapulgite in BASF’s major markets around the world.

For the past few years, meeting the increasing demand for attapulgite has been challenging, especially in emerging economies where construction and infrastructure development has been on the rise.
“We have introduced several improvements to site operations, including investments in new packaging equipment, as well as upgrading throughput in our mills. These actions will strengthen our ability to provide a reliable supply of high quality attapulgite-based materials to support the business growth of our customers globally,” said Dr. Claus Dallner, Vice President, Global Business Management for Additives, BASF.

BASF has also improved its warehouse management system to allow for ample safety stock to offset seasonal demand spikes. Customers from all over the world can rest assure that their deliveries will be fulfilled even during peak seasons.

Attapulgite is a naturally mined needle-like clay mineral composed of magnesium-aluminium silicate. The mineral takes its name from the town of Attapulgus, Georgia, where the US supply of the mineral is found. BASF operates its attapulgite mines in this area with the manufacturing facility located approximately 17 miles south of Attapulgus in Quincy, Florida. BASF owns the majority of the 18,000 acres in Florida and Georgia supplying the plant with the product.
“Our attapulgite products can help our customers reduce formulation complexity and improve efficiency. It offers very good colloidal properties, such as specific features in dispersion, high temperature endurance, salt and alkali resistance, as well as high adsorbing and de-coloring capabilities,” said Michelle Tadlock, Product Manager of Attapulgite, BASF.

BASF’s flagship brands, Attagel® and Microsorb®, cater to diverse market applications such as construction, paint, foundry, catalyst, animal feed, drilling mud, agriculture, oil filtration and absorbents. In addition, BASF offers specialty products such as Emcor® 66, used in friction compounds such as automotive brake pads, and Pharmasorb® for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

BASF’s Dispersions & Pigments division
The Dispersions & Pigments division of BASF develops, produces and markets a range of high-quality pigments, resins, additives and polymer dispersions worldwide. These raw materials are used in formulations for a number of industries, including coatings, construction, adhesives, printing and packaging, electronics and paper. With its comprehensive product portfolio and its extensive knowledge of the industry, the Dispersions & Pigments division offers its customers innovative and sustainable solutions and helps them advance their formulations. For further information about the Dispersions & Pigments division, please visit


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