Bringing on the color Clariants partially bio-based magenta stretches digital printing horizons at FESPA

14 May 2019

  • Ink Jet Magenta E-S VP6057 creates strong graphics shades to extend CMYK color gamut & match designers’ desires
  • Delivers outstanding chroma to inks for wide format printing, signage and textile printing
  • FESPA 2019 Booth B4-M44, May 14-17, Messe München

Muttenz, May 14, 2019 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, is making a splash in the dynamic special printing industry world and invites FESPA 2019 visitors to discover more. Its pioneering bio-based magenta pigment breaks new ground in color-intense inks with the highest chroma and staying power for high-impact indoor and outdoor graphical print (B4-M44).

Technology advances in digital printing are opening up new substrates and markets to screen, wide-format printing, signage and textile printing. For visuals which really grab attention and meet 2019 effect trends, designers and marketeers seek high purity inks capable of expanding the color gamut beyond the restrictions of CMYK and accurate bold color reproduction. In parallel, print buyers’ demands for fast turnarounds and high-quality output, drive equipment manufacturers and print service providers towards inks supporting more efficient, faster machines with lower operating costs.

Clariant’s latest quinacridone pigment Ink Jet Magenta E-S VP6057 is proving its value in taking ink manufacturers closer to these goals. Customers’ initial feedback on the bio-succinic acid-based blue shade magenta confirms outstanding high chroma level for UV-, solvent- and water-based process inks without any compromise on stability. Its excellent light and weather fastness properties also enable use in a wide variety of applications. On top of its brilliant shade, the pigment is easy to disperse and has good flow and viscosity stability which together create efficient inkjet inks with consistent color density and brightness – all-important factors for eye-catching graphics.

Ink Jet Magenta E-S VP6057 is the latest addition to Clariant’s toolbox of sustainable quinacridone magenta pigments expanding color palettes for digital graphical applications. Developed with bio-succinic acid, the pigments also support regulatory compliance within the ink industry, fulfilling Swiss Ordinance A and purity according to the European Resolution AP (89)1 and conforming to heavy metal limits of Recommendation BfR IX.
Rüdiger Baur, Head of Global TM NIP & Color Filter, Clariant BU Pigments, comments: “Clariant’s innovation in magenta quinacridone pigments supports the inkjet segment in extending the creative possibilities of digital printingby further enhancing the color gamut achievable with a standard CMYK set when incorporating our new Magenta E-S pigment. As the industry continues its stratospheric growth, we are excited and delighted to be able to offer new solutions for Ink Jet ink customers. New solutions that assist then in providing printed material with higher visual impact in all their application.”

Discover Ink Jet Magenta E-S VP6057 and Clariant’s wider support for digital printing at FESPA 2019 Booth B4-M44, May 14-17, Munich.


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