Clariant forecasts color formulations synergizing with new mobility trends in Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook

25 Apr 2019

  • Review and outlook: a century of car colors reflected in Automotive history and exterior color styling for 2021-2023
  • Color proposals focus on car owners: Just drive!, Constants of nature, Time warp and Rock it, science!
  • Formulation ideas for future-focused effects and functions like LIDAR detection

Muttenz, March 21, 2019 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, links past and future in the 2021-2023 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook. The new guide predicts subdued alongside lively color surprises to match the unprecedented changes impacting mobility in the coming decade.

Launched at the European Coatings Show, the latest edition of Clariant’s popular color inspiration and support resource also takes a bold step in terms of convenience and content to capture the imagination of its strong audience of followers within the automotive paint and coatings industry, and designers and trend analysts at OEMs.

Content-wise, viewers explore a historical journey of how and why color in cars has changed over more than a century, before traveling into the future to discover the influence of shifting mobility trends on color preferences for 2021-2023.
Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Senior Global Technical Marketing Manager at Clariant, explains: “Recalling the car colors of the past reveals technology leaps, long-term trends and correlations that help us to make more plausible predictions about the future. Never before, however, did these predictions have to take into account such a staggering degree of disruption. Business models that have been valid for more than a century must cope with an unprecedented plethora of changes. Electrification and digitalization, urbanization, autonomous driving, car sharing, even totally new ways of driving on and above the ground, are likely to have an important effect on color in cars.”

Challenging traditional formulation knowledge and taking advantage of synergies between new effect pigments and Clariant’s organic pigments, the trend shades for the coming years are not only nice and colorful but tackle on-going obstacles in coatings formulation, too. For example, how to make dark cars detectable by LIDAR technology, how to create a color travel effect which works on white, or how to simulate a fluorescence effect under a UV-absorbing clear coat.

Clariant’s future color selections play with this high-speed movement towards a more urban and digital tomorrow. Energetic fresh colors leap off the page while other consumers will seek comfort in more understated hues.

As an added extra, 2021-2023 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook recognizes the industry’s most widely-used red pigment - Pigment Red 254 – and the return of red shades since the turn of the millenium. The in-depth feature coincides with Clariant’s pioneering launch of a more environmentally-compatible version of the pigment based on the renewably-sourced material bio-succinic acid.

Samples coated with original paint in all the color shades complete the new Trendbook.
“Clariant’s color know-how is highly appreciated by paint suppliers to the automotive industry, as well as designers and trend scouts of industries which you wouldn’t relate to cars at all,” says John Dunne, Head of Business Unit Pigments at Clariant. “As one of the few pigment producers spearheading trend color forecasting for this industry, our interpretations of how the changing world and emerging technologies will influence consumer color preferences in the next decade has become a solid base of inspiration and business decisions for our customers.”
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Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook
Clariant forecasts color formulations synergizing with new mobility trends in 2021-2023 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook. (Image: Clariant)


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