Clariant unveils BeautyCraft Boosters for personalizing personal care

19 Mar 2022

  • Transform beauty products in your hand simply & easily
  • Skincare and Cleansing collections for the ultimate tailoring: one minute a face cleanser, the next an anti-frizz hair shampoo
  • Featuring innovative, effective, and mild formulations to support beauty claims

CHARLOTTE, March 17, 2022 - Join the personalization trend! Clariant gives beauty brands a flying start into delighting consumers with individually customizable and high-efficacy products, with its new BeautyCraft Boosters Skincare and Cleansing collections.

BeautyCraft Boosters provide inspiration and ready-to-use formulations for delivering a transformational Personal Care experience all about end-user and regimen versatility. Each collection features a base formula and multiple booster variants to enhance or change the functionality of the base, answering the recognized consumer craving for a greater sense of control.
“Not every day is the same when it comes to a person’s skin or hair care needs. Our BeautyCraft Booster collections let brands put the consumer in the driving seat of their personal care regimen, giving the individual hands-on control over what’s important at a particular time. Simply by adding a few drops of a specific booster to a base moisturizer or cleanser that product will transform into a much-needed exfoliating scrub, a mattifying lotion, or even an anti-frizz rinse-off hair shampoo. So simple yet so effective, the possibilities for personalization are endless,” says Tori Dunn, Applications Chemist at Clariant and the formulator behind these boosters.

Clariant’s new concept embraces a wide variety of current beauty consumer needs, from delivering a WOW factor, transformational experience to offering the assurance of mild formulations, natural origin content, compatibility with environmental labels, and all-important data-backed efficacy. Novel texture and color changes also heighten appeal as well as add the practicality of feeling or seeing the product transformation in action.

The base formulas and boosters comprise a variety of mild functional ingredients and actives. These range from mild sugar surfactants like GlucoTain® Sense and GlucoTain Care (excellent sensory additives), to actives like BioDTox®, which offer strong antioxidant protection from pollutants. Backing these formulations, Clariant has substantiated a number of claims through testing such as skin moisturization, sting test, and frizz evaluation. These results can aid brands in delivering products that are backed by credibly, proven claims.

Discover the BeautyCraft Collections in a nutshell:
  • The Cleansing Collection: Transform this every-day “not your basic cleanser” into a fun marshmallow-like detoxifying wash, a gentle facial scrub, a potent anti-frizz hair shampoo, or a perfectly pH balanced gel to oil intimate cleanser.
  • The Skincare Collection: Transform a daily hydrating gel serum into a skin energizing morning moisturizer, a mattifying face lotion, an illuminating primer base, or a pollution protecting face and neck milk.

To hear from the experts directly, join Clariant’s North America Personal Care team for an inspirational webinar: BeautyCraft Boosters – A Customized Personal Care Experience. The webinar will be led by our Technical team where they will walk attendees through Clariant’s newest concept that spotlights the trend of customization. Register to secure a place and take part in the discussion on March 31, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET.


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