Cosmo Speciality Chemicals Launches a clay based scouring agent Eco Clay for the Textile Industry

12 Aug 2021

New Delhi, 10th August, 2021: Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd., has launched a clay based sourcing agent, Eco Clay, for the textile industry which reduces load on E.T.P upto 30% along with reducing COD/BOD levels in the wash effluent by eliminating/reducing the need for additional auxiliaries in treatment baths i.e. wetting, sequestering, demineralizing & stabilizing agents, surfactants, lubricants, softeners, and defoamers.

Compatible with alpha amylases in the de-sizing bath, boosts the tegewa rating, stable with electrolytes and hardness present in the water. Eco-Clay works in a way that it helps in achieving minimum weight loss of the fabric as compared to chemical sourcing along with providing fabric with a smooth handle. Due to its unique natural chemistry and good sequestering and dispersing power, it helps avoid precipitation of insoluble salts in bleaching baths, and prevents scaling on the rollers of steam and wash boxes.

With distinctive wash performance and instant absorbency properties, it retains whiteness index with reduced usage of caustic while improving the bursting strength of the fabric. Action on natural pigment drastically enhances whiteness during the bleaching process. 0.5% to 1.2% dose for exhaust application is the recommended dosage of Eco Clay.
On this new innovation, Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Business Head, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals said, “We thrive to make innovative products and we will always try our best to drive meaningful innovation for the textile industry to deliver new solutions at a quicker pace to a broader audience. Because of its mechanical shearing on fabrics, Eco clay helps to remove oils, dirt, greases etc. The product lowers the maintenance time and cost while increasing the shelf-life of machines. Being an eco-friendly product, it is non-toxic to all aquatic organisms.”

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