DOMO Chemicals expands access of TECHNYL to customers worldwide

01 Nov 2023
  • The full TECHNYL® portfolio is now available to customers globally, including key brands such as TECHNYL® 4EARTH® TECHNYL STAR® and TECHNYL® PROTECT
  • DOMO Chemicals secured the production and distribution of TECHNYL® after acquiring rights from Solvay in 2020
  • Worldwide rollout is a key milestone in DOMO’s sustainable growth strategy

Ghent, February 1, 2022 - DOMO Chemicals, the leading supplier in the European polyamide industry, has made its TECHNYL® branded products available to customers globally.

After acquiring Solvay’s European Performance Polyamides business in 2020, DOMO is now exclusively producing and commercializing TECHNYL®, providing the worldwide market with the brand’s near 70 years of experience. Since 1953, TECHNYL® has offered the full range of polyamide 66 / polyamide 6 based solutions, widely used in diversified applications.

“We deeply believe in the future of the TECHNYL® brand, and crossing this important milestone will help us to keep growing with our global customers with particular focus on the automotive, E&E and industrial and consumer goods market segments,” commented Ludovic Tonnerre, Chief Commercial Officer International Markets at DOMO.

Indeed, key applications served by TECHNYL® include high thermal and chemical resistance materials, light engineering solutions (metal, aluminum and thermoset replacements), flame retardant materials for advanced electrical protection, high aesthetic materials with the addition of new solutions for extrusion and friction and wear resistance.

Furthermore, in the e-mobility space, beside the new ORANGE shaded flame retardant TECHNYL®, specially designed product for high-voltage components and cabling, DOMO is offering a complete set of materials designed to offer mechanical, hydrolysis, flame retardancy and impact performances to a variety of battery components.

On top of this, the TECHNYL® 4EARTH® range is providing a competitive and sustainable polyamide alternative. Lifecycle assessments show that the carbon footprint of these products is reduced by a quarter, while consumption of non-renewable resources is halved and water use reduced by more than two-thirds compared to traditional compounds.

Tonnerre added: "This is a significant step on our path to strengthen DOMO Chemicals’ nylon-based engineering materials business.

The introduction of TECHNYL® globally will be a door opener for DOMO as a global player supporting our customers worldwide. The new range of solutions are addressing key megatrends such as e-mobility and sustainability in terms of low GWP and circularity across all industries.

All customers are fully supported by DOMO’s SERVICE HUB. This is a unique platform that offers a complete portfolio of services for customers to pick and choose from, whether it’s material selection, part testing or several services in between.


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