Galaxy Surfactants launches consumer-friendly Galaxy Hearth Mix Pods for laundry care

01 Nov 2023

India, 29thJuly 2021:— Galaxy Surfactants Limited (NSE GALAXYSURF), a leading specialty chemicals company focused on personal care, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. today announced the launch of their new Laundry Care offering of Laundry Pods under the ready-made blends portfolio of their recently launched Galaxy Hearth™ brand.  Galaxy Hearth™ Mix Pods format of Laundry care solution is aimed at the Indian market, where e-commerce and established FMCG companies are looking to introduce the new form of Laundry care in a market dominated by Laundry Bars and Powders.

Galaxy Hearth™ Mix Pods is a ready mix concentrate for the preparation of Laundry Pods or Capsules. Powered by plant-based surfactants, the concoction prepared is carefully crafted to deliver adequate wetting, excellent cleansing, and detergency of soiled fabrics.

Galaxy Hearth™ Mix Pods cleansing composition shows better detergency against Powder, Liquid, and even commercially available laundry pods.

Galaxy Hearth™ Mix Pods offer convenience to consumers while being machine-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and score high on sustainability. Pods reduce the need to be packaged in plastics. Also, their concentrated format ensures lesser fuel consumption during transportation than the presently available alternatives containing fillers or water. It is estimated that there can be a yearly saving of 36 MT of CO2 emissions from fuel for every 1 Lakh Household adoption to Pods.
Galaxy Hearth's 'one-stop solution ' value proposition promises to introduce innovative ingredients for the home care industry's modern era. The portfolio has sustainable solutions for applications such as laundry, dish-wash, hard surface care, and Institutional and Industrial Cleaning. "In an era of the well-informed and environment-conscious consumer world, radical shifts in the ingredient landscape are the need of the hour. Galaxy Hearth is conceptualized to set a benchmark in innovation within the homecare segment," Galaxy Surfactants Executive Director and COO, K. K. Natarajan, said.


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