Guarding with Flex and Agility Kevlar EXO Advanced Body Armour

Vinodhini Harish

03 Apr 2024

Modern warfare is ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant: the paramount importance of protecting military personnel. The technologies keep advancing, and so do the threats. This brings in new challenges in safeguarding the soldiers and what’s more challenging is that to do it without disrupting their comfort. Armour has seen tremendous evolution over time and its profound journey in history speaks testament for itself. In this article, we have discussed the latest advancement in body armour, the success story and the commitment of the company that pioneered the production of soft body armour. Let’s begin.

Body Armour should get in the way when it needs to and Kevlar has been the most appreciated body armour by the UK military sector, as it has been ruling multiple industries for products such as tires, cables, ropes and so on, due to its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. After ruling the industries for over 40 years, the company has come up with an impressive advancement in body armour – Kevlar Exo.

Introducing Kevlar EXO Aramid Fiber-Advanced armour:

Kevlar EXO – Significant advancement in body armour is considered the most significant aramid fibre innovation that has been produced in the defence sector for over 50 years. DuPont proudly refers to this advancement as an entirely new technology that has ever been deployed in the soft body armour industry.
Commenting on Kevlar EXO, Steven LaGanke, global business leader at DuPont said, “Kevlar EXO offers never-seen-before kind of ballistic and thermal performance, without compromising on weight and flexibility”. Therefore the military members wearing the soft armour made of Kevlar EXO can operate at peak performance. The product is expected to cater to military members, law enforcement officers, private security members and emergency responders.

These professionals perform physically demanding tasks, and they are bound to give out more energy during critical defensive operations. In such instances, Kevlar EXO helps them in managing their functioning most effectively.

Kevlar EXO is all set and offers the wearer great comfort and it removes every distraction for the user physically letting them focus on the task at hand, as they believe when there is less in their way physically, they have less in their way mentally.

With KEVLAR EXO, professionals find it easier to leap, peep, crouch, climb, crawl and do physically demanding tasks with ease.

Features of Kevlar EXO:
  • Offers supreme flexibility and comfort, contouring curves and body lines with very minimal restrictions.
  • Delivers the same degree of protection even after five years of usage
  • Flame and temperature-resistant, can withstand temperature and ignition up to 500 degrees Celsius
  • Highly customizable for every body type
  • Products are manufactured at the DuPont manufacturing facility located at Spruance, Virginia, USA.

Why do we need advancements in soft body armour?

Conventional armours are manufactured by weaving rigid plates in armours which makes them hard barriers and uncomfortable for the wearer to function. Whereas, these soft armours catch the projectile like the way the net catches a ball, deforming and slowing down the force of the projectile.

On the other hand, conventional armours impede the agility of the wearer, soft armours are known for their comfort and light-weight. The company has introduced Aramid fibres, which are the contraction of aromatic polyamide. The Aramid fibres contain rigid polymer chains that are interconnected by robust hydrogen bonds. This robustness of hydrogen bonds helps in the effective transfer of mechanical stress. Thus we get the Aramid fibres that are both flexible and strong.

New testing methods to evaluate the performance of armours by DuPont:

The Ministry of Defence(MOD), skilled members of the Biomedical Sciences Department at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory(Dstl) joined hands with Dupont and developed test methods to evaluate the performance of body armour against Behind Armour Blunt Trauma as the team realized the worst part of trauma due to high-velocity rifle bullets, even when the body armours succeeded in stopping the bullets.

DuPont is known for its range of personal protection products and solutions, and its trusted brands in the industry such as Kevlar, Noxmex, and Tyvek, to cater to multiple safety requirements.

DuPont is known for its technology-based innovations and solutions transforming multiple industries and everyday life. Their product Kevlar EXO meets the standards set by NIJ and stands out from the rest of the products available in the market.


It was during the times of the Korean war the armours began developing their features; from fibre-reinforced plastics to aluminium segments woven into vests made of nylon material. Then these vests witnessed massive advancements in weight and began incorporating “chicken plates” that were made of boron carbide, and silicon carbide. After all these years and technological advancements, Kevlar has shown the world its sophisticated facet of protection without compromising agility and comfort.


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