Mangalam Organics Ltd - Trending Towards a Bright Future

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08 Apr 2024

One of the few chemical companies that have a diverse portfolio of end products used in a myriad of applications is Mangalam Organics Ltd. It produces 11 Terpene products and 4 Resin products. 
To name a few, these are used in the Paint Industry, Personal Care products, Automobile tires, flavoring agents with fragrance, neutralizing agents, food additives, rubber formulations, adhesives, and printing inks.  The breadth of its product range underscores its resilience, as fluctuations in demand for one product can be balanced by upsurges in others.  
Founded in 1981, this highly automated plant is located in Khopoli, Maharashtra on the Mumbai - Pune expressway. The modern JNPT container terminal port is about 60 km away. Its strategic location thus serves both, the domestic and the overseas markets.
Benefiting from a top management team having over 3 decades of experience, this company is ISO 9000/14001/ OHSAS 18001 certified, which reflects its commitment to stringent quality and safety protocols for plant and personnel. As of current writing, its market Cap was approx Rs 292 Crores with a P/E ratio of 117.87. It is listed both on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges. Given the wide range of products and their applications,  and India's projected growth rate of 7% CAGR,  Mangalam Organics Limited is poised for a promising future..!  

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