Pharmapack 2020 Airnov highlights excellent position for expected growth

05 Feb 2020

  • New approach and agility for healthcare packaging leader
  • Strong focus on customer support, innovation and sustainability
  • Actively looking for expansion in product offering and geographic footprint

Paris, February5, 2020 – At Pharmapack, Airnov - the newly established identity for a global leader in healthcare packaging - highlighted its intention to build on its current leadership position. The company, previously owned by Clariant, is now an independent company with a prominent position in desiccant and oxygen scavenging products primarily serving pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and nutraceutical markets.
Speaking at Pharmapack, President and Managing Director Dr. Matthias Brommer said: "Airnov's newly gained independence and subsequent shorter in-company decision-making lines will make us more flexible and better able to meet customer needs in terms of technical support, product innovation and new developments. Our focus will be on delivering exceptional service, innovation and sustainability, as we rededicate some of the time and attention previously required for corporate processes to help us better focus on fulfilling customer requirements and expectations."
Mr. Brommer added: "As a long established and trusted protective packaging industry partner, we set out to continuously improve and extend our product offering as well as our geographic footprint. Our goal is to significantly expand above and beyond current pharmaceutical packaging market growth rates, with new investments, products and technologies, both organically and by acquisition. We continue to look for and evaluate relevant opportunities."

Protecting today, preserving tomorrow
To prepare for anticipated changes in market needs, Airnov will continue to build on its effort to reduce the impact on the environment during production. The company is currently evaluating/developing new solutions, such as bio-based tubes, stoppers & capsules.

Showcasing recent products and technologies
In addition to launching the new company name, branding and website, Airnov used this opportunity to showcase some of its recent innovations. These include:
  • ADP® Technology: desiccant is integrated directly in the polymer matrix for moisture management that is imperceptible to customers and can be fully customized i.e. no limit for product customization. At Pharmapack focus will be on two commercial ADP launches:
    • ADP® plate: flat desiccant for various applications: nutraceutical powder / medical device protection
    • HAT®-IN: desiccant vial with ADP® layer for test strips protection - active, ergonomic and nomadic packaging solutions. Visit Airnov' booth to discover the latest formats.
  • Tubes and stoppers: Airnov offers an extensive product range, manufactured at 3 facilities on 3 continents.
  • Bio-sourced products: tubes / stoppers / capsules can be made more sustainable by injecting them with a bio-based polymer.


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