We have seen Significant Growth in the Coatings and Allied Segments say DKSH Officials

21 May 2018

In an interview with Dr. Natale Capri, Co-Head Business Unit Performance Materials and Member of Group Management, DKSH and Mr. Atul Nagarkar, Managing Director, DKSH India, at Paint India 2018 – DKSH booth stand, Shweta Bhanot Mehrotra finds out company's plans for FY'19 and what it takes to be a leading Market Expansion Services provider. Excerpts:
Q. FY'18 saw the biggest change in the taxation system in the country. How do you look at the year with GST and if you can throw some light on the impact on businesses and anxiety level among your business partners during the year?
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the biggest tax reforms in the country.  With the implementation of the GST, only one intermittent tax is applied on the goods. By merging a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax, GST has significantly eased out double taxation and made taxation overall easy for the industries.

For the end customer, the most beneficial will be the reduction in the overall tax burden on goods and services. The introduction of the GST has made Indian products more competitive in the domestic and international markets. Improved logistics and faster delivery of services are some of the positive outcomes of GST implementation. It is a boost to the Indian economy in the long run.
Q. Among the various segments that DKSH deals into, which segment saw significant growth in FY 2017-2018? What is your outlook for FY 2018-2019?

DKSH is active in India through its Business Unit Performance Materials. Our success is based on the ability of our highly skilled specialists to meet the needs of our business partners in the specialty chemicals industry. Our Market Expansion Services offerings allow us to combine functional expertise with in-depth knowledge and excellent relationships in the Indian market place.  
We have seen significant growth in the coatings and allied segments.

DKSH offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, covering the entire value-chain from sourcing of products and suppliers to conducting market feasibility studies, product development, licensing assistance, increasing market presence, product management and brand building. Each solution is tailor-made according to the needs of our business partners. We provide innovative specialty chemicals and formulations for coatings applications and supply a variety of products to the automotive, plastics and construction sectors.

For the current year, we will continue to strengthen our market presence by offering expert technical support from our state-of-the-art specialty chemicals innovation centre in Mumbai.

Our growing customer base can leverage the expertise of our specialists to find solutions for products used in paints, coatings and ink applications.
The centre mainly focuses on developing formulations using sourced products from trusted suppliers, evaluating products, applying parameters for coating and ink specifications, re-engineering formulations to customer requirements and providing hands-on technical training to our sales force.

In addition, our sales force leverages a broad domestic network to complete customers request in real time. By coupling the expertise of our innovative specialists with the dynamic of our sales force, we help our customer base to decrease time-to-market and increase market growth for their products.

Q. What do the companies look for in India and how does DKSH makes their journey seamless as the Market Expansion Services provider?

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. As the term “Market Expansion Services” suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. We organise and run the entire value chain from sourcing, market analysis and research, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales services. We provide our partners with expertise, on-the-ground logistics and tailor-made services based on a comprehensive network of unique size and depth.

DKSH is recognised as a leading distributor of ingredients and specialty chemicals throughout Asia. In addition to our distribution capabilities, we are distinguished by our value-added services for clients and customers. Our business partners can benefit from our comprehensive regulatory know-how, innovation and formulation expertise, extensive sourcing network and market intelligence systems.

For companies looking to expand their products into the Indian market, DKSH ensures compliance with all local regulations and monitors the regulatory environment to anticipate change. This allows a seamless entry into the market for our business partners’ products and uninterrupted supply to our customer base.

Our innovation specialists can find new opportunities for our business partners’ offerings. Products with performance enhancing capabilities are well sought after by manufacturers looking to give their products a competitive advantage. Our innovation specialists also find new functions for products, including their use in reformulations tailored to fit local market needs.

With a vast geographic footprint, DKSH is deeply rooted in many markets. This allows us to source innovative new ingredients and specialty chemicals, and act as an early trend scout for our customers. Our customer base can leverage our sourcing capabilities to secure new products and technologies, thus introducing trends to their local markets before they emerge.

Our next level information management system provides best-in-class digital reporting and supports business development between DKSH and its key clients.  We have access to a wide range of market intelligence tools and systems to monitor the changing landscape of industries, identify emerging trends and provide market mapping.

Companies in India are looking to receive an efficient, qualitative and timely service.  DKSH takes care of all this by ensuring an adequate availability of materials through its strategically-located distribution centres in Mumbai and New Delhi. DKSH offers a detailed procurement plan developed against the backdrop of a rolling forecast of four to five months.

We are cautious about the supply and demand of all our key raw materials and the impact on downstream products. To cope with this, we maintain local stocks in our distribution centres to avoid hiccups in the lead time of the supply chain.

Our logistics services also includes the handling of products under special conditions, and with our data retrieval services, we make all processes as convenient as possible for everyone involved. DKSH offers the full spectrum of supply chain management and individual services, thus helping to optimise processes, develop new products and accelerate innovation cycles.

Q. What is DKSH looking forward to from PaintIndia 2018?

DKSH would like to leverage all the enquiries that we have received during Paint India 2018 by converting them into business to strengthen our client and customer base. 
Exhibiting at Paint India, together with our valued business partners, allowed us to expand our portfolio and to contribute to the world of innovative specialty chemicals.


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