Yutong and BASF launch advanced polyurethane-based seating for buses

04 Aug 2020

  • BASF’s first integrated seating system with Yutong contributes to sustainability in commercial vehicles
  • Improved flame-retardant properties of BASF’s Elastoflex polyurethane meet fire safety standards of coaches and intercity all-seater buses 

Shanghai, China – July 30, 2020 – Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (Yutong), the world’s leading bus manufacturer, and BASF have jointly developed an advanced polyurethane (PU) based seating for high-end, new-energy buses. Optimized to provide improved flame-retardant properties, the seating made with BASF’s Elastoflex PU complies with the European directive “ECE Regulation No.118” for flame resistance. 
“This is the first time BASF has developed an integrated PU seating system that improves passenger safety and comfort in electric buses as well as reducing odors inside bus cabins. With our expertise in advanced materials and PU technology, we can help Yutong meet the high flame resistance standard for electric bus seating,” said Desmond Long, Vice President, Business Management Transportation, Performance Materials Asia Pacific.

The foam-cushioned seating made with Elastoflex additionally provides a comfortable travel experience for passengers due to its elasticity and excellent sound absorption performance. Its low odor property further improves the vehicle’s interior air quality. 

The seating also provides environmental benefits owing to its durability and lightweight. The durability of Elastoflex, which helps to extend its service life, allows the seat to retain its cushioning effect and comfort, even after being subject to prolonged weight stress. The lightweight foam material improves the vehicle’s energy efficiency and thus lowers emissions levels.
More Information www.basf.com

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