Basic Dyes / Vikram and Co

Basic Dyes / Vikram and Co
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  • Molecular Formula :-
  • Molecular Weight :- mol/g
  • Available Qty :- 20.0000 Kgs
  • Package Size :- 20
  • Price :- Available on Request
  • Markets :- Dyes and Pigments |

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Basic Dyes Manufacturers in India

Veeraco Colourants Private Limited is a top basic dyes manufacturers in India. Our highly developed infrastructure makes research, cultivation, and development of superior quality basic dyes feasible which are further processed as per the client’s needs.

Basic dyes are cationic dyes and react with materials that are negatively charged. Dyes are often defined and classified according to their capacity to ionize, or interact with molecules with the opposite charge. Basic dyes are cationic colourants that are positively charged. Electrostatic attractions are created when basic dyes are applied to anionic substrates. Cotton's structures aren't planar or large enough for substantivity or affinity, hence basic dyes aren't used.The dye is commonly used to create vibrant colours that are both lights and wash fast.Typically available in synthetic form, these go about as bases and are aniline dyes. As their colour base is insoluble in water, this can be accomplished by changing over the base into salt. When it comes to colouring synthetic, cationic materials like acrylics, basic dyes are the way to go. Because other types of dyes, such as disperse dyes, produce faint colours when combined with these sorts of synthetic materials, basic dyes perform well in this situation. Basic dyes produce vibrant, bright, and long-lasting colours that various types of dyes are unable to obtain when employed with chemically suitable materials.The chemical properties of basic dyes make them ideal for dyeing plastics like acrylic, dyeing paints, coatings, stains, colouring paper products, dyeing hair, and dyeing industrial products.The basic dyes we provide are extensively employed in the textile and acrylic fibre sectors, as well as a variety of other commercial applications.

Veeraco Colourants Private Limited Manufactures Basic Dyes

Since 1952, Veeraco Colourants Private Limited has specialised in the production of Basic Dyes. Basic Dyes such as Methyl Violet, Victoria Blue B, Malachite Green, and others are manufactured by us. We have achieved huge quantities of production with competence and product quality while having a relatively limited product selection in Basic Dyes. Each of our Basic Dye products has a well-known brand name in the global dyes market: 'Veeraco Colourants Private Limited'.


Basic Auramine

Basic Yellow 2

Basic Ethyl Auramine

Basic Yellow 37

Basic Flavine Yellow 10GFF

Basic Yellow 40

Basic Chrysoidine - R

Basic Orange 1

Basic Chrysoidine - Y

Basic Orange 2

Basic Rhodamine 6GDN

Basic Red 1

Basic Rhodamine 6G

Basic Red 1.1

Basic Safranine O

Basic Red 2

Basic Astraphoxine

Basic Red 12

Basic Methyl Violet

Basic Violet 1

Basic Crystal Violet

Basic Violet 3

Basic Rhodamine B

Basic Violet 10

Basic Rhodamine 3B

Basic Violet 11

Basic Rhodamine 3P - SPL

Basic Violet 11.1

Basic Magenta

Basic Violet 14

Basic Bismark Brown Y

Basic Brown 1

Basic Bismark Brown R

Basic Brown 4

Basic Diamond Green

Basic Green 1

Basic Malachite Green

Basic Green 4

Basic Victoria Blue BO

Basic Blue 7

Basic Methylene Blue

Basic Blue 9

Basic Victoria Blue R

Basic Blue 11

Acrylic Blue GLK

Basic Blue 26

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