Editorial March 2024 Do You Require Consultants with Technical Know How in the Chemical Industry

Rajiv Parikh

18 Mar 2024
This month we explored a very important but niche field where consultants in the chemical industry are discussed. Recently I met with a couple of PHD holders in the chemical industry. One is an academician and another has extensive experience in the industrial as well as academic field. The most important aspect of what I learned from them is that they get ample opportunities however, they are limited to the technical aspects of the material or research they are working on. Sometimes, they may even get their name in the patent applications which they work on and other times the company takes the credit of it all. Even then, they are not disappointed but they strive to continue to work hard because for them their work is more important than the credit they may or may not get for the betterment of humanity.

Interestingly, there is no such platform to find the people who have excellent academic credentials and industrial experience. Currently, the only way to reach out to these individuals is via word-of-mouth or via some online profile like LinkedIn if they are technology savvy and job portals. We will soon launch a platform for these consultants to be part of the chemical industry where they can showcase their experience and credentials to the world of dyes, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. There are several requirements for PHD holders where their research can help fructify the end goal of a problem at hand. They get a lab environment with all the important resources to work for the company they do research for. Most companies have their own R&D departments where several scientists and doctorate level candidates work together to develop and scale chemicals and its compounds.

There are instances where a certain technology and formula may have been already created by other researchers at a university or at a lower level of a company. However, to move to larger scale and convert the ideas into practical use for manufacturing and producing at scale is still a challenge. Most specialty chemicals, oil and gas major, dyes intermediates have their own R&D departments. Many companies want to hire this special skilled person who have done a thesis or have experience in the development of the products related to what they are developing.

There are 3 types of people who work together for the development and/or scaling of a final product, including chemical engineers, chemical scientists and theoretical experts who have the doctorate degree to identify the root cause of a given problem and work together to come up with a solution for the same. From conceptualization to final scaling of the end product is what they work together for and this helps make life of common people more worthwhile. Weather it is a solution of a problem related to health by developing and scaling the production of medicines and pharmaceuticals drugs or a solution to a problem related to the screen of your phone which helps make the phone screen sturdy and robust and prevents breaking. Weather it is the research done to make your clothes human friendly to wear or it is the chips that are used in your computer to communicate via email. All processed involve chemical technologies and improves the lifestyle of the masses. There will be a huge influx of jobs for these special skilled individuals with a background in chemical engineering or doctorate degree to work in India as there are several manufacturing jobs flourishing the job market in the coming decade. The semiconductor industry is one such industry where several process engineers will be required at scale to build the semiconductor wafer processing fabrication plants using tools from leading semiconductor giants like Applied Materials, KLA Tencor and National Semiconductors which are all giant US based chip tools manufacturers or processing technology providers of semiconductor wafers which are processed by these tools. Similarly, there will be huge strides in agrochemicals, construction chemicals and the oil and gas industry where these highly skilled individuals will be required. Several startups are also contributing to innovate and develop technologies in chemical industry where there is a great potential to reap huge financial benefits. We at Chemical Market want to connect the chemical engineers, scientist and doctorate level individuals to the companies in the chemical industry. If you are interested to find these people or if you are a highly skilled consultant, please send us an email at [email protected]


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