Clariant Presents New Insights to Consumer Care Customers in India

07 Dec 2017
  • LaunchedBeautyForward® Edition IIin India
  • Highlights of nature-inspired Active Ingredients for skin and hair
  • New formulations, textures and products support brand owners to be one step ahead

Mumbai, November 30, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, introduced for the first time in India, its nature inspired new Active Ingredients to provide dedicated, customized support for the highly-specialized needs of the Personal Care industry at the symposium in Delhi. Clariant also highlighted the four new trends with its BeautyForward® second edition, that is expected to impact global Personal Care with inspirational formulations and textures.
At the event, the Active Ingredients team presented Eosidin™ the first solution for indoor pollution control. Indoor pollution is the accumulation of heavy metals and other materials inside your home. Eosidin™ specificallytargeting atopic-prone skin conditions triggered by indoor pollution. The team also presented Lightening Active Ingredients - Alpha Melight, HodVital, MadeWhite, that decrease the melanin content responsible for skin color and pigmented spots. Clariant offers an array of products, that can be categorized in: Environment Protection, Moisturizing, Hair Care, Slimming, Skin Repair, Anti-aging, Lightening, Oily Skin, Soothing and Uniformization.

BeautyForward®is offering market insights to stimulate new ideas for formulations, creative applications, product design and branding. Clariant’s official trend guide for personal care inspiration is based on extensive on-the-ground research into lifestyle, technology, innovation and emerging cosmetic beauty products. It translates the global societal and cultural changes into personal care trends, consumer profiles, and links these with Clariant ingredients and formulations.
In Clariant’s inspirational trend guide 2017, second edition, the customers can discover four new trends — CUSTOM, ORIGIN, REVIVE, and BALANCE.

CUSTOM - exploration and self-discovery are helping people rediscover their individuality in increasingly globalized context with cultural homogeneity.

ORIGIN - in a global melting pot of cultures, people try hard to look for and hold on to their own original identities while celebrating diversity among themselves.

REVIVE - technological advances and social media are driving more communication out of like-minded individuals than ever before and BALANCE - to restore the balance in modern living is to find a way out of the routine to indulge oneself in exclusivity and life enrichment.

“At our Customer Symposium in New Delhi, we revealed a series of global consumer trends set to have an impact on the Indian Personal Care market through BeautyForward®. Customers were inspired with examples of how leading and emerging beauty brands are already responding, as well as got ideas and recommendations on how to address these trends with Clariant’s latest innovations and inspiring formulations,” said Josue Silen, Marketing Manager, Consumer Care, RBL AP.

“The symposium was well received by all participants with a mix of representatives from global key accounts, the local mid-size companies and regional manufacturers from North India. The presentation on natural actives delivered by Christelle Graizeau was particularly of great interest. We received positive comments with reference to the quality of detailed data which included trial reports that were presented for the natural actives range. The highlight of the event was the live formulation demo with touch and feel, to gauge the sensory of the developed product using Clariant additives,” said Gautam Kanthadai, Head – Sales & Application.

Clariant introduced these new concepts, along with a showcase of its Industrial and Home Care solutions like Glucotain, Nipaguard Zero.

Christelle Graizeau, Business Development Manager, Active Ingredients Segment, BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties presented a paper on ‘Let’s get active naturally...our green actives’.

BeautyForward® Edition II samples presented at the event


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