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30 Sep 2014
Textile industries as we know are power intensive, and are always at a suffering end due to gap in demand and supply of power. There are huge losses due to unavailability of a continuous power supply that is free of interruption or disturbance as is demanded by their critical continuous production processes. Unplanned stops means loss of production time. This in turn leads to compromise on the quality. 
Studies have shown that a lot of textile mills had to shut down due to heavy losses caused by frequent power interruptions and all other power quality disturbances. In textile automatic processing, whole production lines can go out of control, creating hazardous situations for onsite personnel and expensive material waste. Loss of processing in a large textile corporation can cost thousands of unrecoverable rupees per minute of downtime, as well as many hours of recovery time to follow. Program and data corruption caused by a power interruption can create problems for software recovery operations that may take weeks to resolve. The study has intensified as equipment has become increasingly sensitive to even minute changes in the power supply voltage, current, and frequency.
ACME’s breakthrough Lithium-ion based technology helps tackle power interruptions & loss due to power restoration time by providing dependable back-up power to Textile Industry. The technology is built to prevent unforeseen stops. The solution handles power-cuts, varying power quality and even stop in optimal ways.
We possess a profound knowledge of textile industry requirements. The solutions ACME offers are therefore geared towards ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply, process continuity, reduced costs as well as an optimal balance between energy production and process requirements.
Precision combined with flexibility and robust reliability makes LiB technology solution the optimal choice for the industry.
Conventional inverter batteries do not serve their purpose very well in areas where there is frequent power outage for considerable period of time.
LiB ESS offers backup power solution to maximize uptime & gives very high returns on the capital investment made.
These efficient, economical and environmentally friendly systems offer a reliable power supply if local grids fail. 
About ACME
ACME is an integrated green technology solutions provider with more than 10 years of deep domain expertise in the Indian energy industry with a business focus on 3E’s i.e. energy generation, energy conservation and energy management.
Being an energy company and having industry leading engineering expertise, ACME provides solutions for any conceivable need for energy.
Our game-changing LiB Energy Storage Solutions are ideal for use in sensitive environments, as well as under extreme conditions.
You can count on ACME to meet your high standards. We continue to push the boundaries, bringing our vast engineering expertise from large-scale projects to the new range of LiB Energy Storage Solutions.
These efficient, economical and environmentally friendly systems offer a reliable power supply if local grids fail. For all these reasons and more, facilities all over the energy industry depend on ACME Lib technology for a constant source of power and assurance of maximum productivity.

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