Working of a Vibro-Energy Mill

29 Jan 2018
Two basic limitations are inherent in conventional milling systems. These limitations are, first, the inability to perform ultra-fine grinding economically and, second, their failure to produce uniform particle size distribution.

The Vibro-Energy principle of applying high frequency, three dimensional vibrations to a chamber containing small cylindrical grinding media helps to overcome both of these limitations. It takes less total energy to reduce or break a small particle than it does a large one. For ultra-fine grinding, only very small impact forces are necessary. Any force in excess of that needed to break the material results in wasted energy which will be dissipated as heat. In addition, the greater the number of grinding impacts per unit of time, the faster a given particle size reduction can be accomplished. Therefore, the Vibro-Energy Grinding Mill, using small amounts of energy with high frequency vibration, is more efficient than the high impact, low-frequency principle applied in conventional grinding systems.

In most industries which process finely ground materials, uniform particle size is of utmost importance. However, this close particle size distribution has been extremely difficult to achieve with ball and pebble mills. In th elower micron range, their point contact offers decreasing probability of further particle reduction and increasing probability of wide particle size distribution
Vibro Energy Mill
The use of cylindrical grinding media, coupled with the unique Vibro-Energy motion, enables SWECO Mills to achieve a narrow particle size distribution. The Vibro-Energy Mill normally uses small alumina cylinders designed to achieve a combination of point, line and face contact. When two pieces of cylindrical grinding media are vibrating against each other, the large particles will be worked on frst, and reduced in size, while the smaller particles will remain protected. When the larger particles are reduced in size, by the combination of point, line and face contact, to the same size as the smaller ones, close particle size distribution has been achieved. Further size reduction maintains this same close range. Basically, the Vibro-Energy Mill consists of a grinding chamber and vibrating mechanism. The grinding chamber is in the form of a vertical cylinder which is filled with small pieces of very hard grinding media. Most often this is sintered alumina, in the form of half-inch cylinders. The material to be ground is introduced into the voids between
the grinding media. The vibration mechanism is attached directly to the base of the grinding chamber. 

The whole assembly is suspended on high-tensile steel springs. Thus, all the energy from the vibrating mechanism is imparted directly to the grinding media without the necessity for intermediate gears, drives or clutches. The vibrating mechanism consists of a specially designed electric motion generator having a heavy shaft mounted in heavy-duty bearings. At each end of the shaft are attached “out-of balance” weights. The top weight, which is in the same horizontal plane as the top of the suspension springs, is connected to the motion generator shaft in a fixed position. The top eccentric weight causes a horizontal gyration of the grinding chamber, while the bottom eccentric weight provides a gyrating tilt. This unique motion causes three dimensional, high-frequency vibrations, which constitutes the transfer agent converting the motive energy into grinding impacts. 

In general, any material that can be broken by impact can be ground in a Vibro-Energy Mill. Thus, most materials which are processed in ball mills, pebble mills or hammer mills can be processed in Vibro-Energy Mills to produce a fner product with increased efficiency.

The major benefit derived from VibroEnergy is its ability to give SWECO Grinding Mills their  extraordinarily high-degree of sophisticated chamber movement. Unlike competitive systems, SWECO Grinding Mills feature precise control, dust-free operation, and virtually no transmitted
vibration to the floor.
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