Achieve higher efficacy of Retinol with Clariants VitiSpheres R8

01 Nov 2023
  • Advanced drop-in encapsulated Retinol allows safe use of high concentrations
  • New data highlights ability to protect Retinol’s stability, promote better bioavailability, and enhance its skin penetration – for higher efficacy
  • Proven non-irritating formulation ingredient thanks to controlled release of Retinol

MUTTENZ, November 23, 2022 - Cosmetics brands can now help more consumers to get the most out of introducing the benefits of Retinol into their skincare routines. Available worldwide, Clariant’s encapsulated Retinol VitiSpheres R8 makes it possible to protect the Retinol’s proven anti-aging potency and use higher concentrations safely in creams and serums.
“While consumers across all generations are increasingly seeking out Retinol for its benefit in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, it does have two drawbacks which dramatically lower its potential use. It can cause irritations when not properly dosed, and it is not stable in cosmetic formulations, meaning its properties can degrade prior to application. VitiSpheres R8 overcomes these challenges: it stabilizes the Retinol in formulations over time and enables a controlled, prolonged release into the epidermis skin layer where it will be most effective. Brands and formulators benefit from stable, well-protected Retinol which expands possibilities for higher efficacy products suited to a broad range of skin types,” comments Thomas Lukowicz, Clariant Global Application Development Manager.

Clariant’s unique multilayer encapsulated Retinol is an easy-to-formulate, drop-in solution for formulators to deliver high molecule charges without compromising skin.

In VitiSpheres R8, Retinol molecules are uniquely held within the solid-lipid core of a leak-proof multilayered capsule. The patented system protects the Retinol from oxidation, ensuring very good stability in formulations compared to benchmark systems. This maintains bioavailability of the Retinol, and reduces the potential loss of beneficial properties both during formulating as well as over a long shelf life.

Importantly, Retinol is only released on skin contact at skin temperature. The encapsulated ingredient melts on application and opens the pathway for Retinol to be released smoothly and gradually into the skin where it will be most effectively taken up, avoiding the potential of a sudden irritation-inducing Retinol overload even at high concentrations.

Its superior Retinol penetration compared to other systems and skin tolerance is confirmed by data – supporting both higher efficacy and the possibility to use higher concentrations in formulations.


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