Airnov to exhibit sustainable solutions at upcoming CPhI Worldwide expo in Milan

09 Nov 2021
  • Event on November 9-11 offers chance for industry stakeholders to view Airnov’s range of sustainable healthcare packaging solutions.
  • Airnov awarded EcoVadis certification after making series of sustainable operational and product improvements.
  • Certification underlines Airnov’s commitment to make life better for healthcare patients while minimizing its impact on the environment.

November 02, 2021 – Airnov, a global leader in innovating packaging solutions for the healthcare market, will be showcasing its range of solutions at the CPhI Worldwide expo in Milan.

Held on November 9-11, the event is one of the leading expos bringing together suppliers and buyers across the entire pharma value chain.

Visitors will be able to explore a variety of Airnov products at the event, including DRICARD™, laser-marked canisters, laser-marked stoppers, light desiccant stoppers, and more, all of which are evidence of the company’s commitment to produce sustainable solutions for the healthcare packaging sector.

Indeed, Airnov will be demonstrating its sustainability credentials at CPhI. For example, the company was recently accredited with EcoVadis certification as it continues to incorporate sustainable innovation into its products and operations.

Airnov France has enrolled onto EcoVadis program, which helps organizations to enhance their sustainable credentials by identifying areas for improvement through a comprehensive ratings process.

This year, Airnov’s French plant has been granted certification for continuous improvement across a range of processes, including waste management, energy consumption and use of raw materials.

“We are pleased to announce our new partnership with EcoVadis in 2021 to evaluate and recognize the engagements and improvements of Airnov France across key areas such as the environment, sustainable procurement, labor and human rights, and ethics,” said Stephane Rault, Global Product Manager.

“These are continuous actions we will push for over the comings years across all of the regions we operate in.”

In France, these actions have included enhancements based on customer feedback to Airnov’s core packaging solutions used in the pharmaceutics, nutraceutics, diagnostic and probiotics markets – many of which will be on display at CPhI Worldwide.

Specifically, plastic weight has been reduced across several product lines, including Airnov’s light desiccant stopper and new DRICARD™, which has doubled performance with a 50% reduction of raw materials (plastic and ink) used.

The company has also adopted laser marking techniques to reduce the need for labels, inks and adhesives.

Meanwhile, a greater use of secondary bulk packaging (large bags instead of carton) is helping to make the transport of products around the world more environmentally friendly. Airnov is also working to optimize the transportation process through a commitment to fill containers, thereby reducing the amount of wasted container space.

Mélissa Plantier, Product Manager at Airnov, added: “Airnov is concerned about the protection of the environment and strives to minimize its global impact by improving its production and operational processes, as well as product design. “Raw material optimization and reduced energy consumption reduction are just the first of many steps that Airnov has committed to along its path for a more sustainable impact.”


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