American Chemical Society names Philip Proteau as new editor-in-chief of the Journal of Natural Products

24 Jan 2020
WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2020 — The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) today named Philip J. Proteau, Ph.D., of Oregon State University as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Natural Products.

Under Proteau’s leadership, the journal will increasingly focus on significant studies on natural products biosynthesis. The journal will also introduce “perspectives” types of articles so that experts in the field can add to research on the current strengths and limitations of new techniques, instrumentation or other emerging areas within the field of natural products. The Journal of Natural Products will continue to maintain its strength in publishing impactful contributions on bioactive natural products, and studies exploring unique aspects of the chemistry of natural products will also remain welcome.

Proteau is an associate professor at Oregon State University’s college of pharmacy, where he leads a laboratory researching various aspects of the chemistry and biology of natural products. These projects incorporate a blend of natural products chemistry, organic synthesis and spectroscopy. Proteau received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University in 1993. He has been an associate editor for the Journal of Natural Products since 2008.
“By stepping up to the editor-in-chief role after serving as an associate editor for over 11 years, I will now have the opportunity to interact with a broader range of natural product scientists, as previously I mainly interacted with authors reporting studies in marine natural products. This will allow me to establish new relationships with scientists across the globe,” says Proteau. “In addition, as the editor-in-chief, I will have an opportunity to serve the American Society of Pharmacognosy and ACS in a new and highly important capacity.”
“We are delighted that Professor Proteau will be joining us as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Natural Products,” says James Milne, Ph.D., acting president, ACS Publications Division. “With his expertise in the field of natural products and his deep knowledge of the journal, we look forward to working with Professor Proteau to expand his vision for the future of this important international publication.”

Established in 1979, the Journal of Natural Products publishes papers that make substantial and scholarly contributions to the area of natural products research. Research may relate to the chemistry and/or biochemistry of naturally occurring compounds or the biology of living systems from which they are obtained. With over 1 million article downloads during 2019, and an impact factor of 4.257, the Journal of Natural Products is well regarded as a leading journal in its field.


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