BASFs Colors and Effects Brand and the Pantone Color Institute Complete Color of the Year 2019 Conference World Tour

01 Nov 2023
  • Joint BASF and Pantone presentations in multiple regions highlighting Pantone® Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral in plastics designs
  • On March 28 the world tour will be completed at the Society of Plastics and Engineers European Additives and Color Conference in Frankfurt, Germany
  • The campaign “Performance beyond dazzling impressions” includes colors and effects that perform safely, reliably, and brilliantly

With a joint presentation on March 28, BASF’s Colors and Effects® Brand and the Pantone Color Institute™ will complete their joint tour for the Color of the Year 2019 collaboration at SPE, the Society of Plastics and Engineers European Additives and Color Conference, in Frankfurt, Germany. In a series of presentations in North America, Asia, and Europe, BASF and Pantone are highlighting a collection of plastic designs inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year 2019, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. Supporting performance as well as aesthetic appearance, the collection features a selection of Colors & Effects pigments that accentuate color, finish and design all while meeting versatile industry requirements.

At SPE, Marc Dumont, Head of Industry Management Pigments, BASF, and Carola Seybold, Director Business Development EMEA for Pantone and X-Rite, will jointly present the realization of Pantone Living Coral in plastic designs. While Pantone explains the key influences on and messages and meanings related to its Color of the Year 2019, BASF details how to realize the shade in various resins and finishes in plastic designs.
“The Pantone Color of the Year is a color that can communicate the color message that best reflects what is happening in our global culture at a specific moment in time, a color that we see crossing all areas of design and serves as an expression of a mood or attitude,” said Carola Seybold. “Through these conferences in partnership with BASF, we seek to highlight how color appeals to and influences consumer behaviors and the importance of color choices in design.”
“Our shade collection brings Pantone Living Coral to life with pigments that perform safely, reliably and brilliantly,” said Marc Dumont. “Inspired by a globally recognized color and meeting global industry requirements, our collaborative campaign ‘Performance beyond dazzling impressions’ has been well received in each region.” Earlier this year, the collaborative campaign was presented at AMI Thermoplastic Concentrates on January 30 in Coral Springs, USA, and at the AMI Masterbatch Conference on March 14 in Bangkok, Thailand.


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