Catch the wave Clariant reveals BeautyForward Edition 4 formulations to delight and inspire

01 Nov 2023
  • BeautyForward connects emerging trends to innovative chemistry and formulations
  • Fantasy Formulations, Embracing Aging and Active Beauty: new formulation ideas for three key global trends
  • Featuring sugar cube cleansers, pocket hair sticks and more

Muttenz, June 3, 2020 – Playful textures to tempt digital-immersed Millennials, novel formats suited to active lifestyles, radiance nourishers for the over 55s. Clariant releases its first wave of inspirational formulations from trend insights BeautyForward Edition 4, guiding beauty product developers keen to get ahead in delighting the desires of specific global consumers.

“Through our work this year with journalists, influencers, formulators and marketers we distilled global trends catering to very specific target groups,” comments Fabio Caravieri, Global Head of Marketing Segment Consumer Care, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties at Clariant. “We’ve embraced their emerging needs in exciting formulations that offer the tailored experience these different individuals now demand and desire, while also delivering the right care results for their skin and hair.”

Sophie Qureshi, Beauty Journalist and Brand Consultant, was part of the team for BeautyForward Edition 4, which matches formulations ideas to five identified global trends. The first wave centers on three: Fantasy Formulations; Embracing Aging and Active Beauty.
“Insight into emerging groups, changing perceptions and lifestyles, and the evolving needs that accompany these, equips cosmetic product developers to be more proactive and imaginative in their creations. BeautyForward Edition 4’s focus indicates consumers can expect to see even more emphasis on sensorial experiences, sophisticated simplicity in beauty products responsive to the needs of pro-aging generations, and solutions relevant to demanding active lifestyles,” adds Sophie.

Fantasy Formulations: In an age of always-on technology, senses have become dulled, leading consumers to seek more dynamic sensorial experiences. Millennials are leading the trend with personal spending on experiences like going out or travelling growing four times faster than spending on physical goods[1].

Within Personal Care, novel textures like jellies, putties and sugarcube exfoliators satisfy these desires for engaging and dynamic sensorial experiences. While at the same time, the importance of “Instagrammability” for this audience is leading to an explosion of brightly colored, metallic and glitter formulations in various formats.

Clariant keeps things fun with playful textures. The Insta-Ready Smoothing Primer Jelly is primer that comes in a playful bouncy jelly with a memory form to keep its shape and a grip effect for easy makeup application. It also has hydrating and collagen-boosting actives to improve complexion long-term.

Embracing Aging: As people are living longer, aging is now being viewed as a privilege rather than something negative, shifting perspectives away from “anti-aging” towards regeneration, renewal and radiance. Plus, as women in their 50s and 60s account for an ever-larger slice of the global beauty spend[2], the beauty industry is finally paying attention to a demographic that for a long time hasn’t really received the attention it deserves. Products dedicated to enhancing gray hair or targeting the effects of hormonal changes on skin and hair, for example, are now hitting the shelves.

Clariant caters to the very specific needs related to mature hair, such as volume and shine boosting, with a Illuminating Silver Hair Nectar featuring the innovative conditioning agent Genadvance® Life for thin hair.

Active Beauty: On-the-go and athleisure culture are giving rise to more convenient travel-friendly products. This includes mess-free products – product launches in stick formats are up 65% in the last few years[3] - and also long lasting beauty products that address skin and hair concerns linked to an active lifestyle, such as clogged pores, or dehydrated hair and skin due to frequent showering.

For hair care, Clariant responds to the demand for quick, mess-free application that tackles dry hair, with easy hair touch-ups on the go. The Fight the Frizz Hair Stick instantly tames frizz and flyaways while adding a healthy shine to hair. The vegan, silicone-free portable stick is ideal after a quick workout or for quick touch-ups on the move, thanks to the natural petrolatum alternative Plantasens® VP 170.

Get insight on the trends and all the formulations available now. Clariant’s BeautyForward Edition 4 formulations support more sustainable and environmentally-compatible skin and hair care solutions, such as sulfate-free, silicone-free, EO-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and also feature nature-derived ingredients and high Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) formulations. Be inspired at and click here to watch the free webinar on demand.

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