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11 Sep 2019
  • Supporting Personal Care transformation into a more sustainable industry
  • Ingredients for more natural, high-performing and socially-responsible formulations
  • Discover Envisioning Beauty at Clariant booth J40 at in-cosmetics Latin America, September 18-19, 2019, São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, September 11, 2019 – The trend #consciousbeauty is taking off in Latin America. As consumers adapt Personal Care buying behavior to contribute to a more sustainable world, Clariant answers their call for natural ingredients and environmental claims in its new products at in-cosmetics Latin America 2019.

New natural actives, silicone substitutes and a non-palm sourced powerful sensory additive will be presented for the first time to Latin America’s personal care industry, one of the fastest growing and most vibrant in the world1. They belong to Clariant’s global Envisioning Beauty brand with its five focus areas – Sensorial Effects, Functional Claims, Naturals, Preservatives and Active Ingredients – dedicated to supporting the Beauty Industry as it transforms to be more sustainable, innovative, inclusive and aspirational. Considerations that are increasingly on the agenda of the region’s consumers.

Clariant Active Ingredients relies on science to take the best nature can offer and transform it into powerful active ingredients. New seaweed-based Epseama™ sourced from ugly food2 offers a pioneering approach to the anti-aging segment, addressing the three main causes of skin aging: chronoaging, photoaging and inflammaging. The active opens up an evolution in effective anti-aging by targeting the long non-coding skin rejuvenator RNA 886, resulting in fewer signs of wrinkles, better skin hydration and improving signs of pigmented spots. As a natural extract it also addresses the rising demand for natural and organic ingredients in anti-aging products.

As Latin America’s consumers pay more attention to the ingredients in their cosmetics, Clariant supports formulators in successfully creating extraordinary feathery textures with natural substitutes to silicones.

Belonging to Clariant Naturals “Green Performers” which are ideal for achieving high Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) formulations with no performance trade-off, nature-derived Plantasens® Flash 80 and Flash 100 are plant-based lightweight emollients that enable appealing weightless textures and delightful sensory without silicones. They deliver functionality and special sensory to multifacted applications, from body mousses and shampoos to easy-spreading suncare and make-up.

For the rinse-off category, new GlucoTain® Sense, from the Sensorial Effects portfolio, opens up options to use a non-palm sourced mild surfactant to achieve a rich and creamy foam and deep-caring afterfeel. Its innovative texture and high RCI combination offers differentation opportunities for a wide range of application segments, including bar and liquid soaps, hair care and multifunctional facial cleansing.

George Nunes, Head of Consumer Care – Latin America, BU ICS Clariant, comments: “We are in a more dynamic, fragmented, digital and inclusive environment than ever before, in which consumers are looking for a more holistic perspective in terms of personal care products. Through Envisioning Beauty we partner with our customers to open up new directions and ingredients that can help them meet specific trends in skincare and haircare with products that reflect consumers’ preferences.”

Envisioning Beauty supports future innovation for Personal Care by clustering products within five priority areas chosen through market foresight and customer insight to address the most relevant needs of this trend-guided industry. Solutions providing demonstrable benefits to specific challenges are simple to find on Clariant’s website, whether it is an established brand, indie or contract formulator on the lookout.

Discover Envisioning Beauty at in-cosmetics Latin America 2019 Booth J40, September 18-19, São Paulo, Brazil and on or

Technical Seminar
Sep 19, 2:00 until 2:30 pm
Epseama, the holistic skin rejuvenator to fight the three main causes of aging

Presenter: Stelly Costa, Business Development Manager LATAM, Clariant Active Ingredients

Products at Innovation Zone
Clariant will present the innovative solutions below at in-cosmetics Innovation Zone:
GlucoTain Sense
Plantasens Flash 80
Genadvance® Life


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