Clariant promotes quick and easy cleaning with multi-benefit additive for hard-surface cleaners - Aristocare Smart

02 Nov 2023
  • Home Care innovation: multiple benefits delivered by one ingredient, including powerful performance on soap scum removal, limescale prevention and anti-streaking finish
  • Broad pH stability enables effective use in diverse cleaner formats
  • See the benefits up-close at SEPAWA 2018, Booth A166-168, October 10-12, Berlin, Germany
Muttenz, October 1, 2018 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, extends a helping hand to the vast majority of consumers keen to reduce their weekly household cleaning burden1, with the launch of a multi-talented ingredient for hard-surface cleaners. New Aristocare Smart encourages easy removal of surface dirt, less limescale build-up and a streak-free shine among the multiple benefits from just one add-on set to capture formulators’ attention at SEPAWA 2018.
Cleaners featuring Aristocare Smart are proven to deliver powerful effortless soap scum removal, an anti-streaking effect and fast water-drainage for spotless drying and limescale prevention on glass, ceramic tiles, mirrors and stainless steel. The effects have been achieved in laboratory testing at exceptionally low dosage levels, starting from as little as 0.05%.
The hydrophillic polymer modifies the surface on which it is applied, smoothing it with a polymer film that prevents “sticking” of dirt or water droplets. Cleaners with improved water drainage leave less water residue on the surfaces and as a consequence less spots after drying. The novel polymer allows long-term hydrophilisation of surfaces after consecutive rinses with tap water without leading to a long-term build-up of limescale. Moreover the next-time cleaning effort on surfaces soiled with common bath or kitchen soils can be reduced.
Aristocare Smart is stable over a broad pH range of 1 – 12. This makes the single additive suitable for a wide range of formats, including bathroom, all-purpose, floor and kitchen cleaners. Its compatibility with cationic, non-ionic and most anionic surfactants enables use in traditional and more environmentally-compatible products.
Ralf Zerrer, Global Head Innovation and Strategic Marketing at Clariant’s Industrial & Consumer Specialties Business Unit, comments: “Aristocare Smart is a new all-round talent for hard-surface cleaning. Brandowners can take advantage of the differentiating performance claims they can promote to customers. While formulators gain access to one ingredient that offers so many benefits and is suitable for a wide range of cleaner formats. The segment has been seeking a polymer add-on innovation capable of filling these gaps and we are excited about introducing Aristocare Smart to a wide audience at SEPAWA 2018.”
Aristocare Smart will be unveiled to the Home Care industry at SEPAWA 2018 Booth A166-168, Estrel Conference Centre Berlin, October 10-12, 2018.
Bathroom cleaners featuring Bathroom cleaners featuring Aristocare Smart show powerful anti-streaking effects on a variety of hard surfaces. (Photo: Clariant)
Cleaners featuring Aristocare Cleaners featuring Aristocare Smart are proven to deliver powerful effortless soap scum removal on shower cabin glass and other surfaces. (Photo: Clariant)


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