Clariant reveals colorful trend-focused support for North Americas coatings markets

11 Apr 2018
  • Pigment dispersions answering cost-efficiency & color differentiation requirements of manufacturers
  • Colors compatible with environmental labels for coatings
  • NorAm introduction of “Marine Magic” automotive styling shades
Charlotte, April 11, 2018 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, rolls out two new pigment dispersion ranges for North America’s industrial and architectural coatings manufacturers, plus its 2019 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook, as part of its innovative and sustainable color support for the region’s robust construction sector, and evolving consumer lifestyle and mobility trends.

In a vibrant American Coatings Show 2018 showcase, Clariant’s Pigments team answers manufacturers’ preference for production optimization and streamlining measures with two ranges of pigment dispersions covering the full color spectrum. Based on its high quality, durable organic pigments, Clariant’s pigment preparations are easy to use, fulfill the strictest environmental standards, and are developed to support the latest trends in the industry, such as heat management, UV curing, design effects, and pursuit of eco-labels.

Brandon Devis, Director of Sales & Marketing at Clariant`s Pigments business, comments: “Pigment dispersions support the industry focus on improving operational efficiencies while reducing overall cost of use. Over the past few years we have seen increasing interest from NorAm manufacturers in embracing our dispersions in their coatings production. Clariant is therefore delighted to support the shift in color trends towards a more colorful and interesting palette in both automotive and decorative paints. Our product range contributes to greater sustainability, performance improvements and creativity options for our customers and their end markets. Importantly, producing our globally-compliant dispersions within the region means we are well placed to meet its specificneeds.”

The following two new complete color ranges are now available in North America:

“Super-transparent” dispersions based on halogen-free pigments for use in the easy formulation of metallic and mineral effect shades or transparent coatings.

The Hostatint™ A 100-ST range features nine ready-to-use, highly transparent pigment dispersions that offer the entire color circle to solvent-based paint systems. They provide a cost-efficient way for manufacturers to enhance effects with color intensity similar to dyes but with very high light and weather fastness, and no migration or bleeding.

This provides a cost-efficient way for manufacturers to meet trend directions in lifestyle electronics, consumer goods, wood, glass, coil coatings and automotive applications. The pigment dispersions are highly-stable, contributing to safer storage, transportation and handling, and a long paint shelf life.

Hostatint UV range for easy and safe coloration of radiation cured coating systems for industrial and wood coatings. The high-performance, easy-to-use colorants are offered as ready-to-use liquid pigment dispersions that support UV curing’s gain in popularity. They are high in pigment content but with a low viscosity that ensures good flow. The pigment dispersions go the next step in supporting easy formulation of low VOC1 high performance coatings, adding further value to the increased productivity, lower costs and surface performance improvements of UV cured wood coatings. The tinters are suitable for both interior and exterior coatings and cover the full color spectrum in opaque and transparent applications for dual and 100% UV systems.

The Hostatint UV range is the topic of a ACS technical presentation: Durable & low VOC Colorants for UV Cured Coatings on April 10, 12-12.30pm Session 7: Radiation curing.

Dive into “Marine Magic” Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook 2019
Also making its North America debut at ACS, Clariant’s biennial global Automotive Trendbook shares underwater-inspired shades that will play a role in bringing more color to roads in 2019. The “Marine Magic” collection of automotive styling shades is based on Clariant’s color know-how and observations of societal trends, topics and industry developments. It suggests a move away from the previous dominance of achromatic are colors to chromatic shades belonging to four color families which are likely to attract different types of personalities and mindsets: Fancy Flexibility; A taste for Tradition; A sense of Curiosity; and Eager for Excellence.

The American Coatings Show 2018 will be held at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA from April 10-12, 2018. More information on Clariant’s pigment specialties and trend forecasting support featured at the show is available at booth # 2531 and
Yellow pigment preparations for metallic A selection of Hostatint™ A 100-ST Red and Yellow pigment preparations for metallic and mineral effect shades. (Photo: Clariant)


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