Clariants GlucoTain GEM pushes the bubble further for soap bath and shower

01 Nov 2023
  • Multifaceted innovation to support water- and packaging-saving mild products
  • Pure concentrated format, natural origin, robust builder of cleansing compositions
  • Gives unique sensory to foamy compositions with pampering and protective after-feel on skin and hair

MUTTENZ, April 5, 2022 - Realize waterless and concentrated rinse-off and conditioning applications that are extra-mild, high in creamy foam and renewable carbon index (RCI), and easy-rinsing with a precious class of materials now available to formulators. Launched today, Clariant’s new essential member of its natural ingredients portfolio, GlucoTain GEM, is intended for use in personal cleansing concepts that are gentle for the consumers and the planet.
“GlucoTain GEM is a robust yet precious innovation for advancing products in a more sustainable direction. It is literally pushing the bubble further on cleansing, opening up new possibilities for the industry to overcome usual difficulties in developing mild but concentrated or solid rinse-off formulations and still achieve conditioning, delightful sensory for skin and hair. This glucamide ticks important boxes on performance and environmental impact to ultimately support formulators and consumers in making responsible choices,” comments Hermann Bach, Global Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation at Clariant.

More than ever, consumers are scrutinizing what they put on their skin and down the drain. At the same time, solid and concentrated products are also on the rise as the world becomes more conscious of reducing water and resource consumption. Such solid formats require less packaging and address increasing consumer focus on using less water, on longer-lasting easy-to-dose products, and on more sustainable packaging and transport footprints.

GlucoTain GEM aids the transition to more sustainable beauty, supporting effortless formulating of solid and concentrated high RCI and environmental label-compliant compositions that reduce water use and packaging. The pure, concentrated glucamide is sulfate-free and based on non-food competing sunflower oil and sugar syrup. These are sourced in Europe to ensure close proximity to the production site. The ingredient has very low water content, is 100% biodegradable, and has a low carbon footprint[1].

On the performance side, GlucoTain GEM is salt-free nonionic material. It enables formulators to impart incredible foam to skin and hair products that are easy to dilute, achieving a creamy whipped-like consistency which is easy to spread, and also quick and easy to rinse off. The after-feel is pampering and protective. All these benefits stem from its robust, rich structure which is highly compatible with the various ingredients in the chassis of rinse-off soap, bath and shower formulations.

To demonstrate its potential, Clariant follows the trend of solid water-less formulation systems with the development of an environmental label-compliant conditioner bar with >99.5% RCI. The concept “GEM conditioner – as precious as your hair” is shown to have restorative and conditioning effects on damaged hair.


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