Clariants new Hostatint SI relieves tinting reformulation challenges for North American industrial coatings manufacturers

01 Nov 2023
  • New pigment dispersions show unparalleled compatibility with the broad diversity of industrial coatings bases
  • Tinting consistency: Repeatable color matching for industry standard shades (RAL, Federal Standards, and others)
  • Join the webinar on June 30 at 2pm EST to explore easy coloration with time and cost savings
Charlotte, June 25, 2020 – Constant color adjustments to industrial paint formulas are history! Clariant launches a new line of pigment dispersions engineered for exact color matching, reducing the time and costs related to batch-to-batch reformulations. This novel approach answers a direct need of formulators who work on industrial, automotive, maintenance and other demanding protective coatings. New Hostatint SI pigment dispersions address one of the top challenges for North American manufacturers of solvent-based paints and coatings, the majority of which are used in industrial applications.
Dr. Romesh Kumar, Senior Technical Sales Manager, North America, comments: “Through discussions with customers, we saw a real need in this region’s extensive industrial coatings market for pigment dispersions that can deliver consistent color eliminating or minimizing formulation adjustments between batches. Hostatint SI’s unmatched, broad compatibility will provide welcome relief from this headache, and it’s easy to make the switch. No reworking means great news for optimizing manufacturing time and costs, and maximizing color performance too.”

Hostatint SI pigment dispersions are the first “drop-in ready” solution for alleviating problems frequently caused by a dispersion’s incompatibility with the diversity of industrial coatings bases, namely inconsistent tinting and finished product color float or post application color rub-up.

Their unmatched compatibility with the broadest range of base chemistries and high quality Clariant pigments make for a less complex tinting process. This results in easier batch-to-batch consistency in the finished coating product and less potential issues for the end user. Color performance and shade consistency are also boosted thanks to best-in-class, tighter tint strength and color shade.

With its market innovation, Clariant has applied almost a century of industry knowledge as one of the first producers of pigment dispersions to achieve a stable, widely-applicable coloration solution that helps manufacturers to focus on their priorities – making highly durable color-matched coatings. The pigment dispersions are suitable for producing or tinting RAL shades, OSHA safety shades, and industrial point-of sale standard shades in a wide variety of coatings systems.

New Hostatint SI pigment dispersions are available from Clariant’s exclusive distribution partner for North America, Lintech International, and directly from Colorants Solutions USA, a Clariant company.

For more information on Hostatint SI and addressing key needs for industrial coatings manufacturers, visit the Hostatint SI product webpage or join Clariant’s North America pigment experts for a special webinar: Solving incompatibility and inconsistency problems in industrial coatings through pigment dispersions. Register to secure a place and take part in the discussion on June 30, 2020 at 2pm EST.

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