Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS with Innovative Dual Leadership

14 Apr 2018
ImageTrue to its mission “working together to achieve solutions” GOTS once again lives up to its pioneer role. It began with the harmonization of existing standards in 2002 into the global standard for the processing of certified organic fibres along the entiresupply chain. It continues through regular revisions by a multi-stakeholder process, for keeping GOTS always up-to-date regarding technological progress and social responsibility. Now GOTS comes up with an innovative management approach.
With Claudia Kersten and Rahul Bhajekar GOTS now installed a dual leadership as modern management form for the non-profit operating unit Global Standard gemeinnützige GmbH. At this time more than 5,000 operations in around 63 countries around the globe are GOTS certified. The independent certifiers reported more than 1.7 million workers in GOTS operations in 2017.
“I am extremely pleased that we could secure my succession with these two top executives leading the Global Standard gGmbH. I am confident that together they will ensure GOTS leading position and successfully face challenges” says Herbert Ladwig, who led GOTS as Managing Director from its formation in 2002 and has been instrumental for its success. Ladwig will continue to serve as Policy and Legal Advisor.
Kersten and Bhajekar have already been working as directors for GOTS. Kersten, who holds an MBA Sustainability Management, will continue to serve as head of Marketing and Finance. Bhajekar, who has been working in the textile sector for more than two decades including textile and analytical laboratories, remains head of Standards Development and Quality Assurance. Both Kersten and Bhajekar shall be participating in ‘GOTS India Seminar 2018’, which is scheduled to be held on 29th May 2018 in Coimbatore, India. They shall be moderating Session I and Session IV respectively.
“Mr. Ladwig’s farsightedness propelled GOTS to international recognition as the standard of choice for organic textiles. His pioneering drive earns our deepest respect. Moreover, we are grateful that we can continue to rely on his support and benefit from his irreplaceable experience” say Kersten and Bhajekar.



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