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01 Feb 2019
Displays its products at IILF 2019 in Chennai, India

Chennai – Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is presenting its comprehensive range of leather chemical products at the India International Leather Fair (IILF) in Chennai, India between February 1 and 3. In an exhibition space covering 135 square meters the Leather business unit is showcasing its extensive portfolio for manufacturing leathers for the footwear, clothing, furniture and automotive industries. This includes mineral and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives, retanning and softening technologies, dyes and numerous finishing and upgrading products.
Articles such as shoes, bags and garments, which demonstrate the versatility of leather in application and processing, are displayed at the booth in Hall 2, Stand 11A.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Thomas Brackmeyer, Head of the Organic Leather Chemicals business line in LANXESS' Leather business unit said, “LANXESS has consistently delivered quality products to cater to the highly competitive and demanding India market. We have also invested considerably in research to create state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable solutions for the industry. Our skilled and efficient technical support has brought added value to our products and the faith of our customers. We are extremely pleased to showcase our products at the IILF 2019 and will continue to keep our customer orientation a top priority.”

Innovative Beamhouse technologies

LANXESS offers a novel, environment-friendly processing technology which reduces usage of water, chrome tanning agents, time, manpower and eliminates use of sulphuric acid, common salt and basification process.

PELTEC C based process combines deliming, pickling, tanning steps and reduces TDS in the discharged waste water significantly.

BLANCOROL HP EXP 4122 is a special auxiliary for the chrome tannage with well-balanced ingredients that have an effect of non-swelling acids. The product allows to reduce the amount of salt used in the pickle and improves the penetration of the subsequently applied chrome tanning material.

A versatile polymer softener with a silky natural feel from is LEVOTAN LS which is suitable for virtually all types of leather including upholstery, shoe upper and bag leathers. It supports the production of lightweight articles which is a desired character of modern leather. LEVOTAN LS is also suitable for wet white leathers.

TANIGAN UW is an arylsulfonic acid and hydroxyarylsulfone condensation syntan for application on wet blue and wet white. It is a retanning syntan for all types of leather and especially for white and light colored leathers with good fastness properties.

Waterproof with Levotan W

Levotan W is a patented functionalized silicone containing microemulsion. It can be used with Levotan WRP to manufacture all types of leather requiring waterproofing especially upper leather, for example, hiking boots and golf shoes but with high water vapor permeability, which translates into greater wearer comfort. Leather made with this product displays a fine tight grain, lightweight and a natural feel. Levotan W also yields high and reproducible results in Bally and Maeser dynamic tests as well as static water absorption. It offers high stability and avoids the risk of premature precipitation due to low pH, hard water or other electrolytes present in retanning, eliminating the risk of staining.

The system gives excellent dyeing properties, including a high level of colour uniformity across different batches and all kinds of hides and skins. The dyeing between flesh and grain is tone-in-tone, making it ideal for all types of waterproof leather, including nubuck.

Levotan WRP for medium to firm leather

Levotan WRP offers excellent product stability and is indispensable for medium to firm leather. It is even suitable for military application articles with a tight grain. Even with relatively high application rates, the leather does not soften significantly. Levotan WRP has a very good penetration and distribution. Furthermore, an excellent, uniform dyeability is achieved. The treated leathers are characterized by a high filling, fastness and resistance to migration.

Upgrading technology for Shoe, Leather goods and Garments

LANXESS offers products and know-how to upgrade lower grade raw materials to high quality elegant leathers. For instance, EUDERM PREBOTTOM NB EXP 2244 is a non-ionic, aqueous prebottom for upgrading shoe upper and leather goods articles. This is burnishable and can be used for aniline like articles with good natural touch. BAYSIN X-TRA LUSTER HT-C EXP 2248 is a hard protein luster that can be used in aqueous base and top coat formulation. Applied in resin base coats, it reduces tackiness of the finish and enhances the dry fastness properties. BAYSIN X-TRA LUSTER HT-C EXP 2248 imparts a natural glossy appearance and a pleasant, dry surface touch to the finishes.


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