Hohenstein Detergent tests in the course of time

02 May 2019
BÖNNIGHEIM (Germany) (aba) When it comes to the quality of detergent and cleaning products, one aspect is of paramount importance: do the substances ensure perfect cleanliness? Hohenstein has reliably carried out detergent tests for more than 50 years now, thus making a significant contribution to ensuring that the quality of detergents and washing agents is very high today. After more than 30 years, Hohenstein is now saying goodbye to the established head of detergent testing, Roswitha Hild, as she retires. Dr Eva Gierling will now take over as her successor from 01/05/2019.

A lot has happened in the detergent market over the past 30 years. Amongst other things, Hohenstein has developed alternatives to the very time-consuming wash and wear tests, which have a duration of 22 weeks and thus represents a costly factor for the manufacturers. New products also posed new challenges for the testing facilities. “In 1992, colour detergents entered the market as powder detergents,” remembers Roswitha Hild. “We had to develop new test procedures as, unlike heavy-duty detergents, they also contain an additive to prevent bleeding.”

Internationalisation has also increased significantly in recent years: when it comes to detergent tests, many customers, including global customers such as Dalli Werke, Mifa and Chemolux Germany, have relied on the expertise of Hohenstein for decades. Dr Gerling is a graduate chemist and has worked for Hohenstein since 2010. She knows the industry: “Our customer structure is slow to change - once someone has worked with us, they often stay for decades.”

Hohenstein’s specialists still test the performance of products with tests of household laundry technology. By conducting comparative detergent tests, Hohenstein ensures improved market transparency, which both consumers as well as retailers and manufacturers expect today. In this regard, practical organisation of the test conditions and the inclusion of current standards and guidelines are particularly important.


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