Lubricants make things run smoothly

20 Nov 2019
Lubricants are indispensable in industry. Greases and oils perform critical functions, ensuring that engines and machines run perfectly smooth. They extend the service life of machines, protect them from corrosion, cool them by dissipating process heat, act as a seal and prevent the formation of deposits.

Depending on the application, lubricants must possess a specific performance profile. For instance, hydraulic oils are subject to different specifications than heat treatment fluids. Lubricant manufacturers use specific additives to obtain these properties in their lubricants. These active ingredients are added to lubricants in order to achieve new, desirable properties and/or to eliminate unwanted ones.


Among the focal points of LANXESS’s Additives business unit are lubricant additives and synthetic lubricants for industrial applications such as in metal-working, power generation and aerospace. From synthetic lubricant base fluids to individual additives and additive packages, our high-performance products lubricate engines, machines and transport vehicles of all kinds.
Additive packages are combinations of additives carefully selected to perform several tasks. They meet special customer and OEM requirements and comply with today’s strict industrial standards. Additive packages facilitate the production of high-quality lubricants, reduce development time and development cost at our customers and simplify inventory management.

Whether to protect engines or drive-trains from wear or to extend the service life of machines, LANXESS develops products for specific purposes so that they meet the most stringent specifications and performance standards.

Lubricant Additives offers an extensive product line under the brand names Additin, Lobase, Calcinate, Hybase, Naugalube and Durad. The brand names Hatcol and Synton stand for synthetic, high-performance base fluids. Reolube hydraulic fluids are used in special applications which not only require good lubrication, but also impose maximum demands for fire resistance.


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