New production line for additive specialties

16 Sep 2018
  • Increased production capacity at the Mannheim site for Additin brand corrosion inhibiting additives
  • Satisfying the growing demand for multifunctional additives
  • Excellent corrosion protection combined with lubricating properties, even under extreme conditions
Cologne – Specialty Chemicals Company LANXESS has commissioned a new production line at its Mannheim site for the synthesis of dimercaptothiadiazole (DMTD) derivatives. These chemicals are added to lubricants as multifunctional additives. The production line, which started in May 2018, doubles the annual production capacity of these specialty additives. The investment volume is in the single-digit-million-euro range.
“With this investment, we have responded to the increased customer demand for these specialties. The new plant will enable us to meet their requirements for high-quality lubricant additives, but also helps us acquire new customers, and further develop our own package solutions for a rapidly growing market,” says Dr. Martin Säwe, Head of the Lubricant Additives business line in LANXESS’s Additives (ADD) business unit.

Specialty products for the lubricant industry
DMTD derivatives are multifunctional additives, and are initially used as corrosion protection for lubricants in contact with steel alloys containing so-called nonferrous metals such as copper, nickel or cobalt. They prevent the leaching of nonferrous metal ions from the alloy, protect the metal surface from aggressive chemicals, and thus guarantee the integrity and longevity of steel alloys. Thanks to their metal-surface bond, they also act as lubricants, even when under extreme conditions and high pressures metal surfaces start contacting each other. Therefore, and in addition to their function – that is, to provide protection against corrosion, they are also referred to as extreme pressure additives. Last but not least, these additives interact with and absorb aggressive chemical breakdown products in the lubricant, which could otherwise cause material damage in the long term. The main areas of application for these versatile products are industrial oils, greases, and metalworking fluids.

Under the Additin brand name, ADD supplies customers worldwide with DMTD derivatives, which are also used in additive packages at LANXESS. Due to a special manufacturing process used to reach the optimal composition, their performance is both excellent and consistent. Compared to competitor products, the additives stand out due to their stable quality and performance, a mild odor, and their bright, clear appearance. The products are manufactured exclusively at the site in Mannheim.


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