Rinac produces mobile ICU facilities for COVID-19 relief

04 Feb 2021
  • Fully insulated and modular built mobile ICU facilities support India’s pressing need for more hospital beds
  • Elastopir® equips facilities with superior fire resistance and increased energy efficiency
  • Best-in-class insulating material, Elastopir, is used in healthcare facilities for the first time

Mumbai and Bangalore, India – December 10, 2020 – Rinac India Limited (Rinac), India’s leading insulated panel and refrigeration system producer, has recently produced mobile medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities made with BASF’s Elastopir®, a high-quality polyurethane rigid foam insulation solution. Traditionally used in the construction of refrigerated spaces for cold storage and animal farming, Elastopir is being used for healthcare facilities for the first time. These facilities will support India’s urgent need for more hospital beds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each mobile medical facility unit has five beds and is entirely prefabricated, making it easy to configure the number of beds based on the needs. It can also be redeployed to different locations across the country using trailers.
“We need the ICU facilities to be fully airtight and insulated to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers and minimize transmission of the virus,” said Soji Abraham, Senior Vice President Strategy at Rinac India. “Thanks to BASF‘s Elastopir, the wall panels made with this excellent insulating material can help meet these requirements. With its extra high-temperature stability, the patients can recuperate comfortably with consistent indoor temperatures at 22-25 degrees celsius. Most importantly, Elastopir’s superior fire performance helps enhance the protection of these facilities against fires.”

By reducing air loss and solar gain, Elastopir lowers energy consumption and helps increase the facilities’ energy efficiency. For the same insulation performance, panels produced with Elastopir are 50%-100% thinner than other traditional materials such as concrete. With thinner walls and envelopes, the mobile ICU facilities have more usable space and higher flexibility during construction.
“BASF is also sponsoring* a unit of the ICU facility as part of its social engagement,” said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President of Performance Materials, Asia Pacific, BASF. “We aim to ‘go beyond’ by developing ever more innovative, sustainable solutions that help our customers, such as Rinac produce the highest quality and most energy-efficient insulation panels for their medical units.”

Apart from medical facilities, Elastopir can be widely used in cold stores and freezers to store perishable goods with its outstanding thermal insulation properties. The stable and consistent temperature and humidity levels can help keep food fresher and prolong the shelf-life. When used in livestock buildings, Elastopir helps farmers achieve lower heating bills, increase productivity, and improve animal health and working environments for the employees.


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