Spot on Clariant delivers one-of-a-kind humidity security for level 2 plus SMDs to IPC APEX EXPO 2020 visitors

20 Jan 2020
  • The market’s only non-reversible 60% humidity indicator card – Humitector™ Type 2 – meets stringent low-halogen & cobalt-dichloride-free industry requirements
  • Preferred by JEDEC J-STD-033D standard for its reliable indication of moisture-exposed components
  • Discover Clariant’s ultimate dry-pack solution at IPC APEX EXPO Booth #1040

Munich, February 5, 2019 – At North America’s leading electronics event, IPC APEX EXPO 2020, Clariant will showcase the ultimate moisture-control combination for dry-packing surface mount devices according to J-STD-033D preferences (Booth #1040). One that fits the increasing demands from electronics end producers for more sustainable materials, and low-halogen and cobalt-dichloride-free solutions across the production chain.

Mirroring the show’s 2020 theme, “Elevate the Excellence of Electronics,” Clariant takes humidity-exposure control for semiconductor manufacturers, integrated circuit companies and OEM suppliers to the next level. It achieves this by combining top of the line moisture protection through the natural clay desiccant Desi Pak® with the market’s only Type 2 non-reversible 60% humidity indicator card – the Humitector Type 2.

Desi Pak helps assure a high level of moisture adsorption that exceeds that of silica gels under dry-packing conditions, and from a natural alternative. The bentonite clay is sustainably mined and processed using low energy, low water consumption and without any additional solvents or chemicals.

Humitector Type 2 is the only option offering a quick-to-reference, permanent visual record of whether packaged critical components, essential for powering circuit boards and digital and electronic devices, are dry and fit for onward production, or if they have been humidity-compromised at any point from the sealing of the barrier package to during shipping or storage. The reliable indication provides a much more complete history of potential moisture damage that could later lead to part failure. If moisture in the dry pack environment hits 60% or over for a prolonged period, the blue color will extend and remain beyond the non-reversible spot’s border.

The unique, accurate confirmation it delivers is why Type 2 cards are the preferred option in JEDEC standard J-STD-033D over Type 1 humidity indicator cards for dry packing moisture sensitive devices.

Of major significance, the Humitector Type 2 Non-reversible Humidity Indicator Cards are also halogen free as well as free of cobalt dichloride. This provides a welcome boost to electronics producers and brands who are pushing to reduce use of these substances in their applications and production processes. Adding to the sustainability perspective, the cards are approved for re-use if the 60% spot has not changed color or color has not migrated outside of the spot.
“Responsibility for some of the failures of electronics and digital devices can be traced back to the use of moisture-exposed surface mount devices. With the use of a Type 2 non-reversible indicator card in this configuration with Desi Pak, manufacturers and suppliers can take more control over the integrity of their packaged components. And use a more sustainable system at the same time. The permanent indication that is preferred by JEDEC will help all parts of the manufacturing chain to keep moisture compromised parts out of production from the outset,” said Michelle Martin, Head of Clariant Cargo & Device Protection, North America.

Meet us at IPC APEX EXPO Booth #1040 at the San Diego Convention Center from February 4-6, 2020 – interview spots available, please contact: [email protected]. For more information, please visit and download infographic here.


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